African wedding dresses: a little color

The tradition of the white wedding dress has several centuries. In the year 1840, Queen Victoria chose it for her wedding and, since then, it has become popular to the point of becoming almost an obligation for any bride. However, in recent years trends have been changing at full speed. It is increasingly common to see brides dressed in less traditional colors, distinctive cuts and accessories that attract attention. So much so, that African wedding dresses are a concrete possibility that fashion has adopted. Of course, not all brides dare to break the mold and wear these designs with pride. It requires a special character and a respect for the tradition of the African continent.

It is necessary to clarify that Africa is, in turn, a very large and diverse continent . Different cultures coexist in that territory, and therefore it is not possible to speak of a single tradition in common. Fabrics with colorful designs, wefts or striking prints are some of the motifs that can be found in African wedding dresses. Revaluing the different cultural traditions of the continent is a great idea and, in addition, it can be a very original detail for any wedding. To do this, it is necessary to get into the different cultures that coexist on the African continent to get to know them a little more.

The famous Kente-style prints

Wedding Dresses Africans

This beautiful dress perfectly combines the western tradition with that of the Akan people . Originally from southern Ghana, this traditional fabric is highly respected by its people and is only used for special occasions. In a sense, it is considered sacred . Also, each color has its meaning and is used for a purpose. In this case, for example, yellow symbolizes beauty, fertility and wealth. Green, meanwhile, growth and spiritual renewal. And finally, black implies renewal and intensification of energy. We can say that, in addition to their beauty, African wedding dresses have a very special meaning. Wearing these colors elevates spirituality to a new level.

African wedding dresses: the Kikuyu tradition

Wedding dress

The Kikuyu are the predominant ethnic group in most of Kenya. Within their culture, there is a very traditional ceremony called Ruracio . The groom and her family thank the fiancée’s family by performing this ritual. On that special occasion, gifts are given as a token of gratitude in the middle of the party. For this ceremony, the bride’s traditional dress is usually in the range from brown to terracotta or burgundy . The dress is completed with simple sandals or even, as seen in the photo, barefoot. A wardrobe outside the standards for the western world but the most common in African countries.

Ankara: floral and colorful designs

Wedding Dresses Africans

The fabrics with Ankara-style prints are completely in fashion. They are used for all kinds of garments such as blouses, party dresses and coats. And of course, African wedding dresses are no exception. Originally from Nigeria, these patterns are usually very colorful and floral, with very varied patterns and motifs . In this case, we have a combined dress that uses the pattern to give a distinctive touch to a white dress. Undoubtedly, the result is spectacular and striking, but without straying too far from the classic. Therefore, it is ideal for those brides who want to add a little color without being too much.

African Wedding Dresses: Venda Tradition

Wedding dress

The particularity of the Venda is that they are a tribe that results from the mixture of other African cultures. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see designs that are reminiscent of other traditions among their garments. In this case,The dress has a Kente-style design on the upper part, where yellow and details in blue, green and orange predominate. In the lower part, on the other hand, the dress is of a traditional white color. It combines perfectly with the groom’s attire, which has the same colors. A mix of styles that is part of the essence of the Venda culture , and that results in beautiful combinations of textures and colors.

African wedding dresses: the design of the Xhosa

Wedding dresses Africans

The Xhosa people is an ethnic group that inhabits South Africa. Nelson Mandela himself was part of this rich culture. The traditional wedding dresses of this town draw attention for the use of combined black and white colors . It is very typical of this culture to see the details in black cloth, something that in Western culture is not very popular. In addition, it is curious that the train of the dress falls off the shoulders, and not from the bottom as in classic wedding dresses. Without a doubt, these beautiful African wedding dresses stand out for their unique designs.


As can be seen, the tradition of the African continent is very rich and diverse. Different tribes and peoples carry centuries of history, and this is reflected in their particular customs and attire. In this collection we have tried to account for this diversity, when celebrating a wedding with traditional dresses. But, without a doubt, we are halfway there. It is that it would be impossible to go through all the styles, designs and traditions of a multiplicity of cultures that coexist in Africa .

Until a few years ago, most of these cultural traditions were unknown. Fortunately, in recent times there has been a revaluation of diversity, and this has made many designers dare to try different things. So much so, that African wedding dresses are, today, much more common than we think. This is helping to publicize a little more about these towns, without forgetting the economic side of the local textile industry. For daring brides, who want to embrace the tradition of other cultures, these ideas can be very inspiring .


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