Corset Wedding Dresses: Design Types

Are you already looking for that unique piece that you will use at your wedding? If you are on the hunt for a corset wedding dress you should first consider several important points:

Set a budget first: Be realistic. How much is the maximum you can spend on the dress? If you’re already sure you want a corset dress, then set an effective price range.

So when you visit a fashion store you will not spend hours and hours seeing all the models but only the ones that fit your budget.

You will then have part of the battle won, when you enter a specialized store you can order the dresses “with corset” that cost no more than “x amount of money” so the dressmaker can make wise recommendations.

Believe us the task of searching for “the perfect dress” can be titanic and frustrating if you don’t narrow your options down a bit. Then wait for the perfect moment to go hunting for the dress. How?

Yes, there is a perfect time and is when you are not in too much of a hurry to have to make the decisions without meditating on them , but you have that emotion of the wedding that will make you be impulsive enough to follow your instinct.

 Wedding dresses with corset: Types of Design

This ideal “choice zone” occurs between the six months prior to the wedding.

Choose who will accompany you, do not leave it to chance. Our recommendation is that you mix your best friends, the most faithful you have, with part of your family, your mother will of course be essential, but bring more people to your side in the election.

This way you will have the judgment and advice of your relatives mixed with the sincere and modern opinion of your friends.

Finally, when choosing a corset wedding dress, you must let yourself go, you may have something in mind of how you will look and what the perfect dress is, but not always what we think is in accordance with reality >.

You should choose one that fits you well based on your body type and the opinions of those around you. In the end you should choose only the indicated one, you will know it when you put it on, but it will not be exactly the one that you had imagined from the beginning.

Why consider bridal gowns with corsets?

If you are a bride who does not like to wear a bra, or you want to stylize your body to the maximum, you have to consider a wedding dress with corset. These dresses give you everything, you can have the most classic wedding dress of all with a corset, or use a gothic, Victorian or medieval dress .

The corset can also be used of many types, there are those that do not model the figure in its entirety but work as bust lifters or puhs ups, those that mold the entire figure and those that only have corset aesthetics but only work as “Tops” , to have bare shoulders.

There are all styles of corset wedding dresses, from princess cut to mermaid cut, through Celtic and Victorian styles, so we offer you here a quick guide to the main styles and how to combine them with your figure in a corset.

How to choose your wedding dress with corset?

The first thing is to understand the “types of wedding dresses”, we present the 5 most commercial and classic types that can be used with corsets:

The empire cut : This type of wedding dress is characterized by having a cut line under the bust, in the abdominal area and then falls straight to the end of the train. It will be ideal if your body is in an inverted triangle style, that is, your upper part is larger than your lower part. If you have large shoulders, a broad back, but small legs and hips, then you should consider the empire cut for your corset dress .

The “A” line : It is a type of clothing that goes very well with all kinds of body. It can be used or not with corset and its magic is to hide all the flaws that we can have as women in the area of ​​the hips and down. If you have a problem area on your body, which doesn’t seem to get along with any garment, then you have to try the type A cut on your wedding dress with corset . The combination of both factors (the corset and the cut) will make you look incredible.

Princess cut : These particular models fit either hip or waist and then open wide, super pompous. It is a cut that can be used with corset, as long as you are tall, if you are very short this dress will make you look rather wide.

The mermaid cut : If you are curvy, your hips speak for themselves and you like to show off your silhouette, you can combine a mermaid style dress with a corset. Especially if you also feel proud of your bust and want to wear something comfortable without a bra, with your shoulders exposed.

For brides with Latin curves, very curvy, there is no better combination when it comes to looking sensual and elegant than a mermaid cut with corset . It will be classic and sexy, if you are curvy but small, or short in relation to the trunk, then you should not opt ​​for this combination, it will make you see the smallest legs.

The tube dress : It is similar to the empire cut, with the difference that the dress fits anywhere, on the hips, on the waist, under the bust, it does not matter.

The main feature is that after the cut it falls evenly, like a tube, giving a very stylish and modern appearance. A combination that does not fail is the tube dress and corset , especially if your body is bigger above than below.

A classic: Wedding dresses with corset and lace.

If you want to get the most out of your wedding dress with corset, you have to think about the classic combination of corset and lace. The most sensual and modern that corset dresses trends can give us.

 Wedding dresses with corset: Types of Design 2

The advantage of using lace is its versatility, it is comfortable and adapts to all types of bodies. It serves perfectly to show certain areas of the body “camouflaged” hiding certain details to show only the amount of skin that interests you . When you combine a neckline or corset with lace you get elegance and charm without losing sensuality.

Which lace to use to combine with the corset:

The prices of the dresses are determined, among other things, by the details it has and the material of its fibers. Natural lace fibers are considerably more expensive than synthetic fibers .

The most refined materials for making lace are silk and linen, both fabrics of natural origin. On the other hand, if you want cheaper lace you can use cotton ones.

The important thing when combining lace and corset is not to overdo it, just put the necessary details to decorate and make it look more delicate.

You can combine the lace inside the corset or in other pieces such as:

Sleeves: If you want a wedding dress with sleeves but fresh and light, you can lace this area, it will refine your arms.

Necklines: The effect produced by the lace on the necklines is ideal for brides who do not want to fully show an area of their body, such as the back, bust or shoulders. Matching the corset wedding dresses with lace on the necklines is a perfect way to look elegant and sensual.

You already know everything you need about corset wedding dresses , tell us now Do you have something in mind?

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