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You were looking for inspiration for your perfect wedding dress, why not a celtic wedding dress . The wedding dresses of this culture, contrary to what many think, are fine pieces of clothing, simple but seductive and have to be made with a lot of experience and quality so that they have good finishes.

The women of the Celtic culture were the captivators of Europe for a long time , they were wives of the Celtic warrior bullies, with a lot of character, beauty and mettle. The Celtic nobility was characterized by using unique pieces in their style, which have been perpetuated in fashion over time.

Celtic culture Why is it magical ?:

The Celtic culture, like all others, has many nuances but falls in love with two main aspects, its clothing and its religion, which has an immense connection with nature.

For a long time the Celtic religion or religions were based on local cults, all had direct relationship with mother earth, paying tribute to mountains, waters and forests. They had deities for the fountains, the rivers, and the prairies, all with their own names and cults.

The romanticism of mistletoe dates back to the Celtic era , for them it had miraculous properties, they worshiped the oak also as a divine tree.

For its part, Celtic clothing is characterized by being colorful and finely ornamented. Their quirk was based on the striking color mix , hence the modern obsession with Celtic women and their clothing.

The most recurring colors in the Celtic dresses of the nobility were red, yellow and light blue, pastel . Celtic wedding dresses were mainly used in shades of white combined with blue, or full blue.

The most common materials in Celtic wedding dresses are linen and wool. Women of the time used to combine dresses made by looms, accompanied by tunics and belts at the waist.

If you are a lover of the world of fairies, elves, nature as a living being and you feel in connection with mother earth, a Celtic style wedding will be the best way to deliver your love to the world on your wedding day.

If you want to accompany your Celtic wedding dress as much as possible, take these tips into account so that on the day of your union nature is always present.

Celtic weddings

What are they like, what do they represent?

Each small part of a Celtic wedding is representative, from the decoration to the union rites are strictly related to nature, respect and admiration for the planet.

The Celtic union ceremony has a deep meaning, for this culture the souls who make the union merge as one in eternity , almost as a fusion, to bend their strengths and weaknesses.

Like traditional weddings, Celtic marriages have two parts, the part of the marriage ritual, or the marriage ceremony in this case, the moment when couples say “yes”, and the part of the celebration, in the celtic case the feast.

What is a Celtic union ceremony like?

You will discover that a Celtic marriage ceremony does not differ much in protocol issues with a modern wedding.

The first thing you need is a place surrounded by nature, outdoors, with no buildings nearby , the more isolated from the world of man, the better.

The bride and groom are married within a white circle, with four candles, one pointing to the cardinal point home . The couple enters the circle holding hands by their godparents, to the east of the circle, once inside, first tributes are paid to the relatives of the bride and groom, those present and those who do not, then offerings are given and later the priest in charge The union asks them a series of questions to show that the couple is there of their own free will.

Finally it is time to join hands, he or the priest joins hands and ties them with a bow that symbolizes their union in souls as one . Without untying the thread the rings are blessed, which represent the infinite cycle of life and after untying it the bride and groom put them on.

If you like the Celtic concept, but want to make a traditional wedding. You can choose a classic ceremony of your religion, but with a Celtic aesthetic, celebrated in nature and of course with a beautiful Celtic wedding dress.

Is the Celtic style fashionable?

The Celtic style has been in fashion since 2014, when it recurrently appeared on fashion catwalks. Thereafter, she was increasingly introduced to the standards of bridal fashion design houses around the world.

The milestone of the passage from Celtic fashion to world trends occurred at Fashion Week in São Paulo. In 2014 the international festival had the super model Karlie Kloss, this angel from Victoria wore tribal autumn proposals, with Celtic style, with a warm but modern air.

The materials most used by all designers during the week were wool and silks , giving modernity when mixing with leather .

Since then, and increasingly, we have seen the great houses of wedding dresses create and be inspired using the Celtic style.

The last push that the Celtic-medieval style received, was the performances of the powerful women from iconic series like Games Of Thrones and Vikings.

Where to get a Celtic wedding dress?

The first thing you have to take into account when getting a Celtic wedding dress is quality, you must make sure not to buy in non-specialized stores for brides. Otherwise you will end up with a rather cosplay costume .

The second thing you must define is the color, you can choose two options, if you want to be completely traditional, you should wear a blue dress, which in Celtic culture represents purity , it was the most common dress color for brides. Your second option is white, normally the shades of white are closer to snow white or pearl than pure white. You can also use a mixture of both colors; white and light blue are spectacular.

To get a Celtic wedding dress we recommend making it tailored for you, or buying it from a store specialized in wedding dresses, in this case larger online stores such as Amazon or Ebay will not be your best alidades. Why? Because there is a lot of cosplay and few quality Celtic wedding dresses.

Here we leave you several recommendations of stores that have Celtic wedding dresses really spectacular:

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