What are the Naked Wedding Dresses

Naked? Yes, it comes from the English term “Naked Dress” but what does it mean to have a naked wedding dress ? To understand the term “ nude wedding dresses ” you first have to talk a little bit about types of fabric . The dresses once made generally have several types of fabrics in them, with different materials.

You can get mixes such as pique with tulle, crepe and lace, or dresses almost entirely in chiffon. The most common materials for the base of the dresses when making are piqué, ottoman and chiffon.

However, this kind of dresses use the less common materials for their general clothing: Tulle and lace . The nude wedding dresses use as the main material the adornment or detail materials, it is for them that they achieve that fascinating finish.

  • Tulle is a light, transparent, highly volumetric fabric that is normally used to add decorative layers.
  • The lace for its part is a mixture of different materials, it usually has silk, cotton and linen, it is comfortable and it is used to complement other fabrics, but not in nude dresses, it is the protagonist.

These nude wedding dresses are normally made with lace and tulle . It became the new trend for fashion designers. It is a matter of time before they start showing up at weddings of the rich and famous. The catwalks abound with these proposals, the largest sewing houses are already investing time and resources in them.

You can find nude wedding dresses of all kinds, from the most provocative to the simplest and most refined. Not precisely because you have a naked dress on your wedding day you are going to have to have all the skin exposed.

The ranges vary, from the dresses that have the lining in skin color, or flat they do not have, to the ones that have “nude” details in specific areas.

What all nude dresses have in common is their lightness, they look comfortable, light, slim. They are intended to accentuate the female silhouette as much as possible.

Are nude wedding dresses a new style?

Yes, it is a completely new concept that had not been standardized until 2018. It can be said that it is the latest fashion cry , so much so that it has not yet become popular.

Until now, the “tattoo” style had been used with lace that made the female figure look as if it had a tattoo due to the type of fabric, but a style like this had never been developed, in which the dress seemed to be a second skin.

The most shared wedding dress on Pinterest in 2019, was precisely one style naked wedding dress , with hint of nudity, we say hint because despite being lace with from the feet to the head, the dress It had a lining that was not completely transparent, it just gave the subtle illusion of nudity.

Wearing lace and tulle dresses became popular on the 2017 red carpet but was not moved to the bridal until the following spring.

Would you dare to wear a nude wedding dress?

We are curious to know if any earthly bride, let’s say not a model or a superstar, would dare to use any model that we have seen on the catwalk, or that are available in fashion design houses. Will the dresses stay naked as a catwalk trend?

If you want to go hunting for a naked dress for your wedding, you can look for inspiration in three major brands: Berta Bridal, Yolan Cris and Pronovias, all presented their proposals at Barcelona Bridal Week.

Pronovias’ nude dresses stood out for being the most “usable” within the range , very lightly, very tight, but with nudity in specific, strategic parts. They were also combined with layers and loose long sleeves that gave them balance and elegance.

For her part Berta bridal presented mermaid cut models , with her legs exposed by the transparent lining and an elegant lace with rhinestones. Their dresses look more like pieces of jewelry integrated into the skin. He achieved an excellent balance between the traditional applied to Naked.

Yolan Cris presented pieces in pure and harsh nude style , a transparency only censored by lace, like a very elegant and provocative second skin.

You don’t necessarily have to show all skin if you want to wear a nude dress, the more subtle models just “hint at nudity.” What no one can deny is that they are models on trend, that escape the standards, for adventurous people, self-confident and with the intention of looking avant-garde.

Where to get a nude wedding dress?

Being a trend in full development you will have to choose between two unique options at the moment: Get inspired and make one with your trusted fashion designer, or go to one of the great fashion and haute couture houses .

You can look for inspiration in the different catwalks worldwide, we recommend you see the Bridal week in New York and Barcelona .

At the moment there are no models available in e-commerce, department stores or even Amazon.

The future of nude dresses is uncertain, everything indicates that it will be the new trend, but it has to become popular so that they are mass produced and their costs decrease.

More women are needed willing to wear lace from head to toe. Will you be one of them? Do you dare to wear a piece worthy of Red Carpet on the most important day of your life? Leave us a comment on whether or not you would wear a nude wedding dress.

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