Satin Wedding Dresses: Maximum Elegance

If you are here it is because the time has come and it cannot be postponed anymore, you have to choose your dress. Today we bring you a new article related to the types of fabric, which ones fit best and which one to choose. We will talk in detail about satin wedding dresses .

satin is a material, like tulle, chiffon, or lace . Derived from silk, it is a ligament. It is characterized by being a soft, full-bodied and shiny fabric. If your intention is to wear a classic and elegant dress , satin is a recommended option. There are all types of satins, smooth, embroidered, cheap, high quality and in different colors.

What should I consider if I am going to choose a satin wedding dress?

First of all, if you are an active bride who is going to dance all night on the dance floor, linen is not your best option , it is a very beautiful fabric but also very delicate. You have to iron it very carefully and it doesn’t sit easily, you have to know how to iron it . Satin wedding dresses do not resist very well the passing of the hours at a party, so you will have to be extremely careful with it, especially avoiding spilling liquids.

The worst thing you can do to a satin wedding dress is spill a colorful drink , it will cost a lot for it to come out, so the first thing to take into account is: The fabric is delicate.

The good point of this type of clothing is its adaptability. It does not matter what type of body you have, if you have a small bust, or a lot of bust, if you are a hip, you have a triangle, rectangle or inverted triangle style body, this type of material will adapt to your lines comfortably.

It is a fabric with a lot of body, ideal to give volume to certain areas and hide some others that we are not interested in showing , but be careful, this is a double-edged weapon, it is also a very warm material. We recommend satin wedding dresses if your wedding will be at night and in a cold time of the year, between winter and autumn.

It is a fabric that will give you a natural and spectacular shine, simple but elegant , it will make you shine without much effort. If your wedding in mid-afternoon when there is still some light, a satin dress will look spectacular, especially in the so-called “Golden Hour”.

We already tell you everything you have to know about the material as such, if it is how, if it is fresh, what it is for and what it is not for, now should I choose a classic model? If you like satin as a material for your dress does not mean that you should be a classic bride, there are many combinations that you can make when deciding on your model or sending it to make.

Whether you have decided to buy it, rent it, or make it to measure, follow these simple steps when choosing your satin wedding dress:

What are the types of satin dress, how to choose the perfect one for you?

This is a fabric that allows for a wide variety of colors, so the first step after choosing the material (in this case satin) you must decide on a color, but how do you do it? Do all the colors look good on you? The truth is that it depends on your skin tone and of course on your tastes.

Choose the color :

Not all women do well with all colors, first let’s understand the different tones that a satin wedding dress can have:

Pure white : This is a radiant color, as its name implies it is the purest white there can be, it generates a lot of contrast and brightness.

Snow White : This is a tone very similar to the previous one, but slightly grayer, it is very subtle, but it falls just below the scale of pure white.

Raw white or off-white : This is the color of classic dresses, it has the advantage of being a dull white, not so bright, more natural. More than 50% of the wedding dresses manufactured in the world have this tone.

Pearl White : As its name implies, it is a pearl white, let’s say with a more vanilla shade, closer to gray in the shade table than all the shades we mentioned above. It is extremely elegant and they do not usually make many dresses in this specific shade.

Ivory : Already reaching the beige tones we find the ivory white, of the white tones it is the least pure. It has the benefit of being the warmest kind of white.

Champagne : One of the most difficult shades to wear, but that can make you look really spectacular. It is a warm and soft light gold, like the drink.

Old Pink : It is a mix of white, gray and vintage. Very subtle, perfect for boho style dresses.

Now that you know the dress tones, it is time to combine them with your skin color, we are going to divide them into 3: Brunette , brunette and white.

If your complexion is brunette you have the advantage that you can use all of them to look spectacular , you have a variety of options for a satin dress. What is usually sought is to generate contrast so that tones such as pure white, snow white and champagne, especially the latter, will look divine. It all depends on how traditional you want to be, pure white is a classic but risky option , snow white is the most common shade and champagne would be the boldest.

If your complexion is brunette, lighter brunette, you can choose snow white, raw white, pearl white, ivory or champagne . Only pure white and old pink will be restricted to you. Brunette brides look spectacular in a champagne-colored satin wedding dress, especially if the wedding is in the afternoon.

Finally, if your complexion is white, or pale, you will have to use warm colors, starting from the Kurdish white, going through the pearl and even the ivory . If you are particularly pale, one of those that on the beach do not catch a color other than red, we recommend old pink, it will make you look spectacular, romantic and tender.

Remember, the perfect satin wedding dress is somewhere waiting for you, but you must combine what you have in mind with the basic tips to maintain a certain style line, you will not want to come to the altar in disguise.

Do you already know what wedding dress made of satin you want?

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