Sexy Wedding Dresses: The Best Types of Dresses

That special day is approaching and it’s time to get inspired. We know it, you want something special, different magic, that unleashes passions and captivates the eyes. In this article we bring you the best trends for sexy wedding dresses in 2020.

There is a fine line between what looks elegant but sensual and what only looks vulgar. A sexy wedding dress does not have to show everything, it can fit your body type in the perfect way, have necklines at the right points, transparencies, or simply make you look great in a simple way.

The basic and essential thing to feel sexy is to feel comfortable, you have to dominate the stage on your wedding day , be the real protagonist, but you will not succeed if you wear something that does not fit your style or if you do not you are completely sure of your dress.

So the first rule we will give you is: Just choose the right one, with which you feel 110% safe … Take it easy, when you find it you will know that it is him.

Having said this, we present you the general rules that will help you choose the sexy wedding dress that makes your curves and attributes look better.

Sexy wedding dress but elegant:

How tight can the dress be? How much skin should I or should I not show? Well simple, what is necessary. By now you already know your body well and know where those secret weapons are that will make you look perfect and sexy in your marriage.

Here we leave you some basic tips to achieve the balance between elegance and sensuality:

  • Combine lace transparencies with smooth fabric:

You can use lace on the top of the dress and thus you will not have to show too much skin, on the bottom of the dress you must use plain, simple, matte or shiny fabric. In this way you will balance your look, you will have as a result a simple, elegant and striking dress. If you are going to opt for this resource, we recommend using tight dresses and avoiding the front necklines.

  • Use plunging front necklines in combination with sleeveless dresses:

If you are light, let’s say “skinny natural”, with few curves, this type of look will feel divine. You can use the neckline mixed with sleeveless dresses, or with sleeves in transparency.

The advantage is that this style can be used both snug and slightly looser, the important thing is that the front neckline is not loose but rather close to the skin, as if it were fused with your silhouette.

If you want to add more spice to the outfit we do not recommend necklines on the back, nor transparencies on the back, rather you can play with necklines on the bottom to show off your legs.

  • Use the necklines in the back intelligently:

This is where you can be bolder, mix deep plunging necklines with texture, lace or transparencies. We do not recommend mixing the bare back with V-cuts for the bottom of the dress. If you want to look sexy but elegant with a low-cut dress on the back, it is best to choose a tight dress that later releases on your calves, like a mermaid-style cut.

  • Finally, if you know how good the lingerie fits you, why not ?:

A dress with a lace corset-style back never fails. Of course, you must feel secure enough of your body to use it, nothing of being covered in the photos. This type of dress is to wear it with security and pride.

Sexy wedding dress 2020 What are the trends ?:

Luckily, what is in fashion this 2020 can help you look super sensual in your wedding dress without losing trends: For the year, transparencies, cuts in unusual places and necklines will be the protagonists.

You can use the transparencies to your advantage by adding them to the dress in provocative or unusual areas such as the back of the legs to the hips, or the lower back to the coccyx, the ribs, or a classic but striking transparency on the back.

The cuts on the legs, mid back, or only low back will be your ideal allies to be on trend this 2020 while still looking sexy.

Finally, the plunging necklines will also be fashionable throughout the season. You can combine transparencies, cuts and necklines in the right places and in the right stocking to achieve your ideal, sexy and comfortable wedding dress.

Modern sexy wedding dresses :

Wedding dresses in two pieces:

Two Piece Dresses

If you want to show yourself as you like, true to your style, but at the same time you are not one of those who likes the traditional, we recommend two-piece dresses. You will look modern, versatile, comfortable, bold, and sexy. But the best part is the number of combinations you can put together with a two-part dress.

Combining lace textures with plain fabrics never fails, if you are going to wear a simple skirt you can get creative with the top, have a lot of texture and shapes.

Measure how much you want to show between one piece and another: It is your decision, but as a fundamental rule it is best that the cut of the bottom is high, if you are going to show any area between both pieces try to always be higher than the navel .

Sexy non-traditional dresses:

 Non-traditional sexy dresses

Consult the category of wedding dresses from non-traditional brands such as Calvin Klein, Balenciaga or Rochas. With them you will get really different, modern and sexy pieces. All risky and unusual proposals.

Sexy boho style dresses:

 Sexy boho style outfits

The boho or bohemian style has something of hipster, something of hippie and something of ethnic, but without a doubt they can be very sexy. The key with this style is where you place the transparencies and where you gird the dress the most.

Bohemian-style dresses are generally comfortable and loose, but with the size in the right place they can make you look provocative. A loose but tight dress at the hips or a simple dress but with plunging necklines on the legs are valid options to wear this style in the most comfortable and sexy way possible. Combine all this with transparencies and you will be the boho bomb of the night.

The most important thing when choosing a sexy wedding dress in this 2020 is to feel confident, comfortable, remember that among women empowerment is a trend.

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