Strapless wedding dresses: 7 fundamental options

For a bride, the dress she will wear on her day is the most important thing. They come in different shapes and styles, which receive more or less attention as the years go by. But, without a doubt, strapless wedding dresses never go out of style and remain valid among the most common choices. With their classic design, they come in different cuts, styles and silhouettes. For example, those brides looking for a more modern aesthetic can opt for a straight cut and no embellishments, while those who want something more classic can opt for a type “A” cut made with voluminous fabrics and lace.

These types of dresses are not only very comfortable, but also very versatile. They perfectly combine the elegance of traditional dresses with the freshness of bare shoulders . Whether for a day or night wedding, in a large hall or in a beautiful garden, there are alternatives that will leave everyone with their mouths open. If you are looking for options for your wedding, be sure to check out the strapless wedding dress recommendations that we have for you.

Vintage wedding dress: classic always works

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This dress is one of the most classic and elegant that you will find. It is ideal for events in chapels or cathedrals, where it will shine in all its splendor. It has a embroidered floral design and lace decorations . It adjusts in the back with laces and comes in a wide range of sizes so that anyone can show it off. The sparkling details and the wide drape will make the guests can’t take their eyes off the bride. If you are looking for something traditional that evokes tradition, this dress will be your best ally.

Ruched satin wedding dresses: a modern touch

Wedding dress

With a more modern design, but equally elegant, this option is special for all types of ceremonies. From a beach wedding, to a garden or a large hall. The beautiful satin fabric gives it a very particular shine , while the gathering gives it volume and movement. The wide train adds a touch of drama that will make it impossible to forget. For brides looking for a modern touch without being too extravagant, this option is particularly attractive.

Strapless dresses with buttons: stylish details

Strapless Wedding Dresses

This wedding dress is sure to turn heads. With a sweetheart neckline with an angled cut and beautiful decorative buttons on the front , it is one of the most original strapless wedding dresses that you will find. . In addition, the ivory satin fabric gives it a spectacular finish. The tailoring is detailed, with multi-layered style and a unique design, while remaining elegant with its long train. A beautiful option for an unusual wedding and bride.

Wedding dresses with sequins: sensuality also matters

Wedding Dresses

Without a doubt, one of the most distinctive and original options that you can find in our entire selection. With extravagant design and detailed craftsmanship, the sequins and feather details give this dress a very distinctive character and strength. Fishtail cut and open back give it great sensuality, while highlighting the curves of the neckand shoulders. A daring alternative to shine at an evening wedding. If you are one of those people who does not mind being the center of attention, with this wedding dress you will not go unnoticed.

Mermaid-style strapless dress: simplicity with elegance

Strapless Wedding Dresses

In many cases, simplicity is the best way to show elegance without overloading the style. And this dress is the best example of it. With a simple and stripped down design , the fishtail gives a subtle and charming movement to this dress. The heart-shaped neckline rounded and the fitted body provide sensuality without resigning seriousness. It is also one of the cheapest options and, nevertheless, it has everything you need to show off at the wedding. Special for those brides looking for something modern and simple, with a minimalist style, taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Beaded strapless wedding dress: special to shine

 Strapless Wedding Dresses

A dress that achieves a very practical balance between the classic and the current. With its wide drape and multi-layered design, it’s pretty close to a traditional look. However, the beaded embellishments on the front add a distinctive touch , coupled with a sweetheart neckline with subtle lines. Adjustable at the back, there are multiple size options. An option that has it all, and combines it perfectly. Ideal for all types of brides, whatever the style of preference.

Short wedding dresses: comfortable and original

 Short dress

Who said that wedding dresses must necessarily be long? Here we have an excellent sample of short strapless wedding dresses in the front , retaining an elegant train in the back. A good option for the summer, leaving the legs exposed for greater comfort. The embroidery is made by hand, as is the flower ornament made with sequins. On the back, the adjustable V-shaped drawstring is a detail that will not go unnoticed by the guests.

In short, there are options for all tastes of dresses. Whether long or short, with a straight or heart-shaped neckline, with embroidery, sequins and embellishments, or simple and straight. No matter what style you prefer, there are strapless wedding dress options that perfectly match what you are looking for. For that unforgettable day, where everything must be perfect, wearing a comfortable and elegant dress is a fundamental requirement. Celebrating love with family and friends is the perfect excuse to look your best. And with these recommendations that we have just given you, you are sure to find the right dress.


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