The Best Gothic Wedding Dresses

Traditional is not your style We know it! If dressing in white is too conformist for you and you need something that goes with your style, that is transgressive while remaining elegant and dazzling, then you need a gothic wedding dress .

The market is flooded with offers and web pages with this type of products, but for you it is not just a purchase, it is what you will wear one of the most special days of your life, that is why you must take into account three fundamental factors When choosing your gothic wedding dress: The colors must go with your personality, you have to feel comfortable, the cut must take advantage of your attributes.

Just because they are unusual or counter current dresses does not mean that there is no variety. Within gothic fashion, like any other style, there are aspects, discover the best models on the market here:

Gothic wedding dresses, part of a culture

What is gothic culture? Because it’s trendy? What are the trends?

The Gothic style was born in the early 80s in England and throughout the UK. At first its greatest influences derived from horror movies and literature. To understand the emergence and rise of Gothic culture, one must go back to the culture of the decade.

One of the main enhancers of the Gothic style was music, embodied in the post-punk style, this musical genre saw its boom in the late 70s, it was an antithesis to classic rock for the moneto that was garage rock. Post punk was an avant-garde music that mixed genres and was considered for the moment the most sensitive “counter-current” music, in coherence with culture and social political problems.

The main exponents of post punk, or as it is also often called, afterpunk, were the ones that gave rise to the style, now called Gothic, for the first time at a high media level.

Gothic fashion advanced to consolidate itself as a style of its own, leaving its beginnings in afterpunk behind. This style can now be considered as a mixture of Renaissance, Victorian clothing with influences of afterpunk and its variants, such as death metal.

Its main characteristics are the presence of black, contrasted, or not, with colors such as red or navy blue. Something constant in the Gothic culture is the contrast that manages to highlight the paleness. This is the reason why it manages to be a fashionable trend among people with fair complexions.

For 2020 we can summarize the Gothic style in three textures: Lace, leather and velvet. And a main color: Black .

This culture is already established to stay, becoming a fashion, a style. The gothic dominates the catwalks frequently, with the feminine empowerment that vibe of “Femme Fatale” is increasingly more and more attractive.

Gothic fashion is back and hitting hard, with futuristic touches that now make it lean to a new concept, called “Vamp”, a Gothic with more modern trends of smooth textures.

More and more gothic weddings are seen. Why not? It is the day to show your personality without leaving anything inside. A wedding should be to the taste of the couple, if your culture is Gothic, then forget about the white dress and find the ideal Gothic wedding dress for you.

The advantage of choosing this style is that it has hundreds of different styles and sub-styles, you will surely find the one that matches your personality, your budget and your body.

If you have the right budget we recommend these designers who have gothic beauties in haute couture:

Donatella Versace , has pieces that take out the darkest of the Gothic style to give a truly cared, mysterious and feminine look. If you like black sequins, the Gothic style of the Italian designer is for you.

Do you want something sexy with lace? Then you have to go through the gallery of Gucci . You will look sexy and daring, a total femme fatale.

If you want something with a little more morbidity, that stands out, you can opt for the Givenchy collection, which uses the contrast with the blood red tones to make you stand out to the maximum with a sexy / sinister look.

If you were looking for something more commercial, here we present you the best positioned gothic wedding dresses on amazon:

Gothic Wedding Dresses on Amazon:

Fair Lady Gothic Vintage Mermaid:

 Fair Lady Gothic Vintage Mermaid

This model has a classic “mermaid” style but textures and colors that make it look gothic, vintage, like something out of a fairy tale.

We recommend this dress in the colors black, wine or red, to keep the Gothic in it.

Lazacos Women’s White and Black Wedding Dress:

 Lazacos Women's White and Black Wedding Dress

The bomb! The dress of the princesses from beyond the grave, our favorite model of all amazon.

A perfect mix of black, white and transparency tones. You will feel like you are sliding to the altar with this really well finished gothic wedding dress.

Kivary Long Mermaid:

Kivary Long Mermaid

This is the most elegant gothic dress we could find on Amazon. You will have bare shoulders and really well done textures throughout the entire dress.

With this model you will have the advantage of being able to choose it in more than 10 colors, including old pink, wine, gray and the classic white with black.

Richly Shop Women’s Gothic Style high Collar:

 Richly Shop Women's Gothic Style high Collar

The pure gothic dress. A classic that you will love, there is nothing that meets the expectation of a gothic wedding dress more than this piece.

It comes in a single color, of course, black.

There are more options on Amazon and other online stores, but these three have enough positive comments to check their quality. Also for its price sellers ensure quality materials.

If you have the idea of using a gothic wedding dress at your wedding, don’t hesitate! Remember that it is your time, do not let anyone convince you otherwise.

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