The Most Beautiful Black and White Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for an option out of the traditional, you can choose a black and white wedding dress that is on trend.

The most special day is coming! There will be a lot of happiness and also a lot of stress ahead. Before you dive into all the logistical preparations, the guests, and the budgets for your wedding, first make sure you give yourself enough time to enjoy with your best friends and choose the perfect dress.

How to decide which is the best black and white dress for me? If you already decided on a black and white wedding dress, now you have the same task as all brides:

Choose only the one indicated. How is it done? First of all you must be sure that you feel comfortable and safe with it, this type of two-tone models will make you stand out like no other . The opinions of family and friends are important, but in the end always follow your instincts. Take into account all the comments to discard among the dresses you really love.

Remember that your marriage is the day you should be yourself, more than ever. It is important to check trends, blogs and catwalks, but make sure not to be disguised as something you are not.

Decide if you are a “classic” bride, a “romantic” bride, a “modern” bride or a “vintage” bride, do not pigeonhole yourself but if you think about what part of your personality you want to convey with your choice of dress, white dresses and black there are many styles, cuts and designers.

How to choose the perfect black and white wedding dress ?

Once you are clear about what type of dress suits your personality, you must choose the type of fabric, since it is a black and white dress, the choice of tones is already limited, so it is essential that you decide on the type of fabric and fabrics . The textures are what will define the personality of a black and white dress, they will be the protagonists in your look, so you should pay special attention to these details.

 How to choose the perfect black and white wedding dress?

To ensure that the textures and fabric are tailored to your expectations, we recommend hiring a specialized dressmaker for the job.

Many times as brides we discard the possibility of making a custom-made dress, we think it is an excess , the reality is that there is an immensity of dressmakers with different budgets, it does not have to be an eccentric acquisition or overspending.

The advantage of making a dress is that it will be unique and unrepeatable , there will be no other model like it, you will feel really unique and special the day you open it.

Whether you want to make your own black and white wedding dress or choose to buy one, here is a quick guide to the base textures:

  • Mikado : It is a thick, silky fabric with a good shine.
  • Brocade : Refers mainly to the types of fabrics with gold or silver glossy relief finishes. Brocades are often symmetrical, inspired by geometry.
  • Piqué : It is a fabric that gives a lot of body and texture, however it is quite rough.
  • Otomán : Like piqué, it is a fabric that gives a lot of body, but it is not as rough, but rather thick and firm.
  • Taffetan : It is a bright and voluminous silk fabric. .
  • Organza : It is a fine, almost transparent, rigid fabric.
  • Crepé : A classic for mermaid-style dresses, it has an irregular look and feel. It is not very volumetric, so it must be accompanied by rhinestones or embroidery to give it more body.
  • Lace : It is a mixture of different materials, it usually has silk, cotton and linen, it is comfortable and it is used to complement other fabrics.
  • Gasa : The quintessential comfortable wedding dress fabric, ideal for light dresses.
  • Tul : It is a light, transparent, very volumetric fabric that is used to add layers, its texture is rough.

Choose the fabric and the textures well, in your black and white wedding dress they will be the protagonists , but it will not be the only determining factor, when wearing a two-tone dress it is of utmost importance that you adapt it to your body type. This type of black and white dresses will define your figure much more, making them a double-edged sword.

Take into account your body type and choose the type of cut for the dress, here is a quick guide:

  • Rectangular body : If your body tends to be square, uniform, you don’t have sharp curves on the back and your shoulders are quite proportional to the rest of your body, then we recommend the loose dresses. Avoid straight lines and get the most potential out of your body. Be careful, elongated V-necklines are allowed , but try that the rest of the dress is not too tight to your body. A super feminine back neckline will be essential for you, don’t be afraid to risk a long one that allows your body to lengthen too.
  • Triangle body : If the bottom of your body is larger than your upper part, forming a triangle, you have this type of body. What dresses should you wear ? Your hips and legs will stand out on their own, so focus on balancing with the top . A fitted model at the top but loose underneath will be ideal. Princess-style black and white dresses will suit you. V-cuts will flatter your necklines. Concentrate the rhinestones on your bust
  • Round body : For round bodies, with many hips you should choose to tie the cuts above the waist. Use necklines that are not tight, they can be round or in V.
  • Body hourglass : If your figure is balanced you don’t have to limit yourself to any specific model . However, black and white mermaid dresses will always look great on you.
  • Body in inverted triangle : Your legs are small, you grow at the waist and up to the shoulders, you have the figure of an inverted triangle. What you need to do in this case is give your hips a lot of volume and subtract it from your men. Try closed necklines at the bust and wide dresses with bulky materials located from the hip down.

Sometimes we have something in mind and when we try on the piece we realize that it may not be the best option. Don’t be too stubborn, remember that black and white wedding dresses make our volume shine much more, favoring it or highlighting our weak points.

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