The most elegant silk wedding dresses

Silk is one of the favorite materials of designers, for its beauty and versatility. silk wedding dresses are the most common, but no less remarkable for that. With a huge tradition behind them, these shiny and elegant fabrics are present in most of the wedding outfits. But, nevertheless, there are multiple differences between the different types of fabric that can be made from silk. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize their characteristics and differences before deciding on one.

Silk is a natural fiber produced by different worms. Due to its great resistance and natural shine , it is one of the most used for the production of different fabrics. Many of these fabrics are preferred for making wedding dresses. In this collection of silk wedding dresses we will see some of the most used.

Silk chiffon and its fine qualities

Chiffon is one of the finest fabrics made from silk. The appearance is light and semi-transparent thanks to the low density of threads. Due to its extreme delicacy, it is very difficult to work properly. However, it is widely used both for wedding dresses and for veils and scarves.

Wedding dresses silk

Silk chiffon dresses usually incorporate several layers to achieve a voluminous and light texture at the same time , which unfolds with movement. One of the most used options for making silk wedding dresses, which never goes out of style.

The silk mikado: compact and shiny

Mikado is a type of silk very compact and with a grainy texture . Thanks to the solid body, which gives it an excellent drape, and the shine it presents, it is one of the favorite fabrics of designers.

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Mikado dresses are characterized by the volume of the skirts, with wide and pronounced falls as if they were curtains. Because it is a thick fabric, it gives the dress rigidity, which maintains its shape naturally. In addition, the glitter makes it stand out enormously and goes perfectly with jewelery details, brooches or belts.

Silk wedding dresses: the originality of organza

Similar to chiffon, organza is a very fine silk fabric but specially treated to give it a certain rigidity . It is widely used for making dresses, but also in details or accessories such as veils and scarves.

Wedding dresses by silk

Because it is very thin, almost transparent, it is usually used in combination with some other fabric. It is ideal to achieve a large volume, accumulating several overlapping layers or in other decorative details. It combines very well with rhinestones and with a complement such as a veil. It is the ideal fabric for silk wedding dresses with a princess cut .

Satin or satin: the most famous among silks

Possibly the most famous and most used silk fabric . It is compact and of considerable thickness, although very soft and shiny . Due to its manufacturing process, it achieves a uniform finish, where the lines of the weft are not perceived. Due to its softness, it is ideal both for making fine garments or underwear, and especially for wedding dresses.

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Satin fabric is glossy on one side and matte on the other, giving it enormous versatility for design. It is necessary to use it with a liner interior, as otherwise it sticks too much to the body. Due to its thickness, it is ideal to give weight and fall to the dress. It usually combines very well with lace because of the contrast that one fabric generates with the other . Completely smooth silk and woven lace make silk satin wedding dresses a foolproof choice.

The lightness of taffeta for silk wedding dresses

Taffeta is one of the oldest known silk fabrics. It is a thin but dense silk, so a certain stiffness can be appreciated . If you squeeze it, it wrinkles easily. Due to its beautiful shine and the good contribution of volume, it is suitable for making evening and wedding dresses.

Vestidos de novia de seda

As it is a light and compact silk, the fall of the dress causes a lot of movement and naturalness . Forms natural pleats that add some drama without resorting to additional elements. Undoubtedly, a more than interesting option for simple, light and very comfortable dresses.

Silk tulle and its refined sister: the Chantilly

Tulle is one of the lightest fabrics due to its low interlacing of threads . With a net format, it is a very transparent silk that is used both to give volume to dresses and for other accessories. A particular type of tulle is called Chantilly, after the French city that gives it origin. It consists of two crossings of threads that allow it to form different shapes. Thus, the texture and patterns of lace are almost perfectly imitated.

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The lightness of this fabric makes it an ideal ally for all types of silk wedding dresses . The rough texture and transparency work very well for both the ruffles on the body and details on the sleeves and torso. And, of course, for a perfect wedding veil. On the other hand, Chantilly is an excellent supplement to lace for all kinds of dresses, especially those that want to give a more sensual look.

Now that we know a little more about the different types of silk that exist, we can contemplate the versatility of this material. With very ancient and diverse origins, it is still one of the preferred fabrics for all kinds of uses, including silk wedding dresses. Whether you’re looking to add volume through thin layering, or a dramatic, pronounced fall, silk can live up to expectations. When choosing your wedding dress, this review of the different uses of silk can be very useful.


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