Victorian Wedding Dresses: A Winning Bet

There are many brides who do not have the slightest idea of ​​what they want, do not know where to start, what are the styles, much less what to choose, but that is not your case you are sure of what you want! A beautiful dress victorian bride ! What are the different styles? How to choose the perfect Victorian dress? Find out in this review.

The Victorian styles stomped on in 2019 and there is no reason why they should not continue to be a trend in 2020 . The most glamorous vintage proposal there may be is the Victorian one; romantic, with an eccentric touch and very elegant.

If you are a lover of GOT’s trims, lace, corsets, and princess dresses, then the Victorian will certainly suit you. A Victorian wedding dress is a perfect opportunity to look elegant and classic without hiding your sensuality.

Victorian fashion:

Victorian fashion is inspired by a style of culture that encompasses architecture, literature and of course clothing, which was imposed during the reign of Queen Victoria in Britain . It is located between the mid 19th century and the early 20th century .

Victoria’s reign lasted 63 years, which allowed her to consolidate her own style that would continue in the following epochs. What marked this trend? Lace, the introduction of sewing machines in the industry reduced the cost and increased the production of lace fabrics.

The Victorian era marks the awakening of fashion in European industry. During this time clothing was used as a means of expression more than in any previous one. Victorian fashion was created in response to utilitarian and functional pieces of clothing.

Victorian Wedding Dresses

During the Victorian era women were distinguished in terms of social class by dress. If you didn’t need to work you could wear a tight corset to show off your body’s slimness to the maximum.

What was customary was to combine corsets on camisoles in combination with extremely ornate skirts, with lace, decorations and layers. The better social position you had the more details you could add to your dress, no matter the discomfort or weight, since you would not need to work on your day to day. Hence the obsession of Victorian fashion with high necks, ruffles, corsets, lace, lace and puffed sleeves. The more bombastic and less functional, the better.

How much does a Victorian wedding dress cost?

You can get Victorian dresses of all kinds, made to measure, catwalk, bought online, or with international designers.

We start by presenting you with completely different options of two design houses:


This is a Spanish design brand headed by Tamara Vázquez . In 2019, this design house presented its Victorian bridal suits on the catwalk. If you want something with a lot of volume, bulging sleeves and combinations with black details, you should visit the website of this brand.


This Australian house is characterized by making fresh dresses. Last year on their February catwalk they featured supremely modern Victorian dresses. To walk to the altar with pride and class. Lightweight balloon sleeves, closed Elizabethan collars give your pieces a modern look, almost military.

If renowned designers aren’t your ideal choice, you can also get a great piece from Amazon for between $ 90 and $ 300. Next we leave you the Amazon models that will delight you with their designs and their price:

Kivary Gothic Black Satin Lace V Neck A Line:

If you lean towards the Victorian style due to the presence of corsets, you like how they make your figure shine and you love that they are the protagonists, this dress is for you. It has a peculiar cut that makes the corset the protagonist, in addition to very well finished textures around the entire piece.

This dress will expose your shoulders, make you look taller and slimmer. It is an extremely elegant dress that will not overshadow your figure.

It also has excellent reviews by all its buyers and enough photos uploaded by customers to give you a clear idea of ​​what it will look like.

D-RoseBlooming Black Vintage:

If you wanted something completely Victorian but with a presence of the Gothic style, you have to consider this dress.

The whole piece starts from a tight corset and with open seams that will show off your back.

The shoulders will be uncovered and lead to exquisite Victorian sleeves.

Victorian Wedding Dresses 2

The bad thing about this dress is that it only comes in one color. But if you wanted to go for a dark style, there is no better garment for you.

The size range is quite specific and despite not having enough sales to qualify, the dealer has an excellent reputation within the portal.

Liposa Women’s Bohemian Wedding Dress:

This is the lightest and most comfortable Victorian-influenced piece we could get. It has texture in the totality of the fabric and a beautiful but hidden corset on the back.

The back is uncovered, as well as the shoulders. The fabric is “nude” style. super cool, very romantic, sensual but elegant and perfect for getting married in a church without a pouting guest. A truly phenomenal piece to choose the Victorian style.

Why buy Victorian wedding dresses?

In the first place, because it is what you like, if you are a fan of this style or it catches your attention, it is an enough excuse to decide on it. You and only you have the final decision regarding the wedding dress, indulge yourself and indulge yourself.

Victorian wedding dresses are the perfect fit between classic, modern and sensual. You can choose more current comfortable styles, or go for a traditional option that stands out for its texture and the way of displaying your body figure.

A Victorian wedding dress is an option to consider whether or not you are a fan of style, an infallible piece of clothing that, well chosen, can make your night an unforgettable event.

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