Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations

Themed weddings can be inspired by various origins. Classic or popular culture themes, settings, or even movies. In particular, Disney films are preferred by the public to base the themes of their parties. And, if we think of love stories with which to set a wedding, Beauty and the Beast is one of the first that come to mind. Therefore, to give your ceremony a fantastic look, we have this collection of Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations .

Since 2017, with the premiere of the remake of Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson , this has become in one of the favorite themes to use at weddings . The love story between the characters is a source of inspiration for many grooms . In some cases, that feeling is so intense that they decide to have a themed wedding related to the film. Without a doubt, a brave and very wise decision.

Ideas for Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations

The decision on wedding invitations is one of the first to be made. Therefore, it is advisable to be clear about what the theme of the party is going to be before starting. Authentic Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations are perfect for any celebration based on the movie or the world of Disney in general. Even if the wedding doesn’t have such a definite theme, these invitations may be of particular interest to you because of their originality.

Wedding invitations with silhouettes

An interesting idea for wedding invitations is to include the silhouette of the main characters from the film. In this way, a direct reference to the film is made without the need to fill the paper with flashy colors.

Invitaciones de boda de La bella y la bestia

This card features a design based on the figure of the Disney characters . However, the color palette remains sober, being only white, black and light blue. Trees full of hearts adorn the silhouettes of Beauty and the Beast, forming a fun and simple fantasy design.

Invitación de boda

This other design, meanwhile, is even simpler. The figures appear cut out on the black cardboard as a presentation, to place the desired card inside. It is crowned with a silver bow and an openwork rose in the center. Without a doubt, these Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations are simple but effective .

Wedding invitations with the colors of Beauty and the Beast

Disney films are characterized by their very colorful and bright images . And of course, Beauty and the Beast is no exception. This film features a color palette that includes brilliant gold, royal blue and the furious red of rose . These Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations combine these colors to perfection.

Invitaciones de boda de La bella y la bestia

In this case, the color blue predominates in a 4-flap openwork design. Inside, we see details mainly in gold, with a touch of red in the rose and the decorative bow. There is no clear reference that makes us think that these are Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations. However, the colors match perfectly with the theme of the film .

Invitations de wedding of Beauty and the Beast

If you are looking for something more striking, we can opt for this card where the golden color stands out visibly . In the center, the classic red rose from the film is an unavoidable reference. And, finally, inside we find the imperial blue of the character of Beast. Undoubtedly, a highly recommended option for Disney movie lovers .

Beauty and the beast wedding invitations with characters

For those looking for something more direct, nothing better than including the characters from the film in the design of the invitations. Both protagonists and secondary characters are endearing and can become the main motif for Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations.

Invitación de boda

These invitations are sure to turn heads. With a full-color design that includes the main characters of the film , these invitations pretend to be entrance tickets. The extra component of fun gives a relaxed and informal style to the ceremony inspired by the Disney movie.

Invitaciones de boda de La bella y la bestia

These Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations are not based on the main characters, but a supporting one. The antique clock , one of the objects that comes to life in the film, is part of the design of this card. In addition, the detail of the rose is always a reference.

Invitations with the Beast rose

The red rose is a traditional romantic element. In the movie Beauty and the Beast, this flower has a particular meaning. Due to the witch’s enchantment, Beast must find love before he turns 21 or he will stay that way forever. As time passes, the rose inside the dome loses its petals and grows weaker. But when Beauty and the Beast fall in love, the flower regains all its vitality and becomes the symbol of their love .

Wedding invitations from Beauty and the Beast

This subtle and beautiful card is inspired by the rose in the movie. With a simple design, attention is focused on the center, where the rose is inside the glass dome . A more than captivating idea for Beauty and the Beast wedding invitations.

The Disney classic is one of the most inspiring love stories ever, where love wins despite everything. Many couples take the theme for their celebration from this movie. The colors and characters are transformed into symbols of love and affection, and they add a touch of fantasy to the party . If this story inspires you, one of these Beauty and the Beast wedding invitation ideas may be the one for you.


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