Christmas wedding invitations: a double celebration

Christmas is a time of year where love floats in the air. People come together, greet each other on the street, and differences are forgotten. It is also near the end of the year, and it is the right time to reconnect with family and friends. For all this, many people choose to celebrate their wedding at this time of year, to make a celebration twice. If the idea seems attractive to you, be sure to check out these Christmas wedding invitations to add all the Christmas spirit to your party.

December 25 is commemorated, according to Christian tradition, the birth of Jesus. In other words, it is a celebration of religious origin. However, it has already transcended popular culture, and the meaning of Christmas has to do with meeting loved ones . Therefore, it is not at all unusual to associate marriage with this special date. It is that in a wedding the meeting is also celebrated, in this case of the couple. And it is done by bringing together all the people who are important to the couple. A wedding in December can be the prelude to Christmas, and be invaded by its festive spirit.

Ideas for Christmas wedding invitations

Christmas, like most celebrations, has its own traditional symbols and elements. The classic pine, mistletoe leaves and the colors green, red and gold , are part of the Christmas landscape. And, of course, the mountain of gifts that children are so eagerly awaiting. In addition, as in the northern hemisphere the date falls in the middle of winter, everything related to snow and cold can be associated with this holiday. All these elements can be incorporated to design beautiful Christmas wedding invitations.

Winter wedding invitations

For more traditional people, it may be interesting to think of invitations set in the cold of winter . Also for those who want to maintain a certain independence between one party and the other, which are united only by the common climate. However, winter has something cozy about romantic light, snowflakes and, why not, the warmth of a burning home.

Invitaciones de boda de navidad

These precision laser cut cards are perfect for a winter wedding. The detail of the snowflakes on the silver paper gives it a unique and unrepeatable appearance. Although they are not directly related to Christmas, it is within the climate of the time. A very interesting option, not only for its beauty but also for the elegance and subtlety of the colors.

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Another excellent option where the theme of winter is the protagonist. In a beautiful watercolor style, the snowy pine trees and the circle of branches and leaves surrounding the names stand out . The blue and green color palette is subtle and according to the climate that is sought. While they are not strictly Christmas wedding invitations, they go perfectly with that theme. An ideal option for those who do not want such a direct association with the religious holiday.

Christmas wedding invitations: pine trees and mistletoes

Pine trees and mistletoe leaves are two of the most traditional elements of the Christmas party . They are part of the tradition of decorating houses with this type of ornaments. In addition, they look very good for their elegance, while being related to winter and the end of the year parties. Some of the more Christmas-related options include these elements.

Invitaciones de boda de navidad

These invitations are extremely simple and, at the same time, very attractive. With a italic font and some pine trees in the range of greens on a completely white background, they are a very elegant option. Of course, it is inevitable to relate them to Christmas due to the presence of these traditional trees. However, they fit perfectly with any wedding style, as long as it is in winter.

Unlike the previous ones, these are authentic Christmas wedding invitations. No one can deny that, when seeing the mistletoe circle surrounding the names of the bride and groom , the first thing that comes to mind is the Christmas celebration. It is a typical ornament of the time, which abounds on the doors of the houses in the days before Christmas. This element predominates in the cards, but that does not mean that it ceases to be subtle and elegant. A beautiful option for those who want a good Christmas wedding.

Invitations with roses

An element widely used in this type of invitation is red roses . Although it is not a traditional symbol of Christmas, its red color combined with some green immediately refers to this holiday. Many times, it is this color palette that visually impacts us and automatically transports us to the arrival of the holidays.

Invitaciones de boda de navidad

Looking at these invitations, we may not directly associate them with Christmas. But if the theme of the wedding is that, there will be no doubt that it is more than just cards for the occasion. The color palette is slightly dark, which these invitations can be adapted to all types of weddings .

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This color palette, on the other hand, does refer unequivocally to the Christmas celebration. The red and green tones, combined with the golden letters, and the circular shape of the ornament, make these Christmas wedding invitations an indisputable reference . The inside of the envelope is adorned with the same motif, combining it charmingly.

Weddings and Christmas have a lot in common. Both are celebrations of love and of meeting loved ones. A Christmas wedding is a great idea to meet again and share a moment with family and friends . The cold of winter is fought with the warmth of affection. If you are planning your party for the month of December, one of these Christmas wedding invitations can be an excellent option.


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