Clear and transparent wedding invitations

Wedding trends change rapidly over the years. Although certain traditions are maintained over time, styles, designs and themes are not so stable. Every moment new ideas emerge that are imposed in fashion and go viral. And it is exactly the same with invitation cards. It is always possible to choose a more traditional style, but if we want to keep up with the latest in design we must pay attention to what is being used. For this reason, we bring you this collection of clear wedding invitations so that you do not stay out of the latest trends.

Possibly, we are already bored of always seeing the same designs and colors on wedding cards. White and thick papers, pastel, pink or light blue tones, are commonplace. If we are looking for something more original and that has become very fashionable in recent times , we will undoubtedly find it here. The trend of clear wedding invitations made of clear acrylic is a great option to give a fresh and original touch when it comes to inviting guests.

Clear Wedding Invitation Designs

The transparent acrylic invitation cards are the most striking and original. As it does not have a defined background, it allows us to play with different colors of letters that will be more or less visible depending on what is behind the card. Therefore, we have to bear in mind that it is not convenient to combine many colors, since that way it is likely that some part will be illegible. It is also not a good idea to overload the card with illustrations, because the transparency will not be appreciated. Here are some of the best clear wedding invitation ideas you can find.

Invitations with white letter

Invitaciones de boda claras

The simplest option that we can choose is the white letters on the transparent acrylic . A small ornament can be included, but the most important thing is to highlight the name of the bride and groom and the relevant information. With this choice, it is recommended that the envelope that accompanies the invitation be dark, so that the letters can be seen correctly.

Invitations with gold letter

Invitación de boda

This second card is a bit more sophisticated than the previous one. First, it has a box that frames all the text and a top ornament with the initials of the bride and groom. Plus, the gold typeface adds a touch of elegance. This choice allows the letter to stand out from almost any background color. A very elegant and practical option for your clear wedding invitations.

Two-color wedding invitations

Invitaciones de boda claras

As we said, it is not advisable to use too many colors in these types of invitations. However, it is possible to find some combination that works neatly. In this case, the black letters with golden decoration details look very good and all their beauty can be appreciated on a white surface.

Wedding invitations with illustrations

 Wedding invitation

Drawings or illustrations can also be problematic on these types of cards. But, if used correctly, the result can be spectacular. These clear wedding invitations with white typography and gold details, incorporate some flowers around . With a correct choice in the color palette, and without overloading the design, a beautiful style can be achieved.

Clear and round invitations

Invitaciones de boda claras

One way to make an invitation like these even more original is by modifying the form. Instead of the classic rectangular choice, these clear wedding invitations have a circular shape that makes them unique . With a simple design inside and fonts in gold, the special touch is given by the particular round figure that the vinyl adopts. Without a doubt, a detail that will not go unnoticed.

Elegant and luxurious invitations

Invitación de boda

These invitations stand out for their elegance. If you look closely, the card itself is not particularly special. It consists of a transparent vinyl and the letters printed in gold. What makes these clear wedding invitations special is the presentation. The metallic scarlet cardboard box adds a luxurious touch to these cards . When you receive it, you give the impression of being invited to a royal wedding.

Geometric wedding invitations

Invitaciones de boda claras

For the most eccentric and original, these clear wedding invitations have it all. As if the transparency of the vinyl was not enough, the geometric shape of the card is most striking . The letters and the edge in gold add elegance, as does the presentation in its black box. It is a unique option, where every detail is designed to surprise. If you are looking for invitations far from the traditional, these are the perfect fit.

Square wedding invitations

Invitaciones de boda claras

A less flashy option than the previous one, but extremely elegant . These are clear wedding invitations with a square shape, slightly different than the classic rectangular format. In addition, the frame with a double gold line adds a distinctive touch to the sober and elevated design. An option within the traditional, but with a distinctive look.

Decorated wedding invitations

Invitaciones de boda claras

Possibly the most ornate option, not suitable for all tastes. These clear wedding invitations combine several elements on transparent acrylic and, to surpriseof many, the result is very attractive. With a design with geometric figures and a decoration of leaves around, the text is located in the center with a simple white typeface. Very striking and equally beautiful .

As we can see, the trend of clear wedding invitations, made from transparent vinyl, has many different varieties. Whether through shape, colors or designs, original and elegant results can be achieved. With options ranging from the most traditional to the most eccentric, there are possibilities for all tastes . If you are deciding on invitations for your wedding, consider some of the options we offer in this collection. You will not regret it!


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