Fantasy-Filled Disney Wedding Invitations

Weddings are, in and of themselves, magical moments in which love is celebrated surrounded by loved ones. But many people are looking to add a little extra fantasy to it. And for that, nothing better than using a theme related to the magical world of Disney. This time, we present you several ideas to put together some wonderful Disney wedding invitations and add an epic touch to your wedding.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of work and requires paying attention to all the details. One of the first to consider are invitations. After all, they are the starting point of the adventure: we could say that the wedding begins when the invitations are sent . Therefore, they are like a letter of introduction to the world for the happy couple. It is important that the card reflects the spirit, theme and intention of the couple. If they are fans of movie characters and enjoy their adventures, what better way than to leave it embodied in the Disney wedding invitations made especially for the occasion.

Ideas for your Disney wedding invitations

A themed wedding can be an enchanting experience, and at the same time unforgettable. However, it is not necessary that the whole party be infused with the fantastic spirit. Many times, what you want is a more traditional wedding, with a touch of magic here and there . So it’s a good idea to add some whimsy to your invitations. There are many ways to give your invitations a fun Disney world look.

Lovely fonts

Using a fairy tale typeface can be one way to turn a regular invitation into a great one. You can even choose to use the same letters as in the Disney logo or in the title of your favorite movie.

Invitación de boda

These beautiful invitations are adorned with a typeface reminiscent of many fairy tales. And, as if that weren’t enough, the phrase on the cover is the one that starts most fantasy stories. Once upon a time … is also the beginning of that magical story that will be the wedding. And with these invitations, there is no doubt that the trip will be enchanting.

Disney wedding invitations inspired by the characters

Another good idea inspired by the magic of Disney is to use the most well-known characters in the invitations. It can be a drawing of one of the protagonists of the movies, or simply some characteristic object. Some beautiful crystal shoes or the classic mouse ears will be enough to refer to this fantastic world.

Invitaciones de boda de Disney

These Disney wedding invitations are inspired by the character Jasmine from the Aladdin movie. It is one of the best known films in the Disney world. Jasmine is one of the most remembered animated princesses by fans, and the protagonist of one of the most beautiful love stories.

Invitaciones de boda

But if it is about love stories, without a doubt the most famous is that of Beauty and the Beast . This Disney classic tells a beautiful story in which a somewhat unequal couple overcomes rejection from the outside world. Finally, they manage to reunite to celebrate their love and live happily ever after…

Disney’s castle: the setting where magic happens

It is not necessary that the allusion to Disney comes through the characters. There are many possible referencesbles, and one of them is the famous castle . It is a dream setting where the most wonderful things happen. And it serves as an inspiration for many couples looking to add a magical touch to their wedding.

Invitaciones de boda de Disney

In this invitation, the spotlight is on the monumental castle located in the amusement park in Florida. Strictly, this is Cinderella’s Castle , where that wonderful love story takes place that has inspired many couples. Of course, we would prefer the wedding to take place inside the palace. As that does not seem possible, it is not bad at all, carry that wonderful story in the Disney wedding invitations that we will send to the guests.

Disney wedding invitations as tickets

We all dream of visiting the wonderful amusement park that Disney has in Florida. That world full of fantastic creatures, princesses and guaranteed fun . But not to be distracted, after all we are planning a wedding.

Invitaciones de boda de Disney

These Disney wedding invitations perfectly mimic a Disney theme park entrance ticket. In addition to the relevant information for the wedding, we have endless references. Disney typography, Mickey and Minnie drawings or castle images , all included within the fun form of a park ticket. Without a doubt, a more than original option for fans of this enchanted world.

Invitación de boda

Mickey and Minnie are the classic Disney characters, but they are not always the favorites. That’s why there are other Disney wedding invitation options inspired by less traditional characters. This is the case of Stitch and Yuna , from the movie Lilo and Stitch . Very nice little creatures that show all their love and tenderness in these invitations in the form of tickets. For couples looking for a little more originality, these invitations are certainly out of the ordinary.


There are countless ideas for weddings inspired by the magical world of Disney. The characters and their stories full of teachings about love are an inexhaustible source of representative images. As always, the most important thing when choosing Disney wedding invitations is that they reflect the style and personality of the bride and groom . As a starting point for the wedding, the invitation cards function as the couple’s letter of introduction. And nothing better than expressing what they enjoy the most, in a fun and charming way. After this tour, you are sure to take home some great ideas inspired by Disney’s most beloved characters.


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