Halloween wedding invitations to die of love

Every October 31, Halloween or Halloween is celebrated, in which terror is the main protagonist. People dress up, scare each other, and children play the famous trick or treat. If your wedding is planned around this date, it can be a more than interesting idea to have a themed party that combines the celebration of love with a bit of horror. For that, we bring you some Halloween wedding invitations to inspire you and give it a different touch.

The celebration of Halloween is a tradition in Anglo-Saxon countries that has been adopted practically all over the world. The origin is not entirely clear. There are those who say that it is a Christian holiday, which corresponds to the vigil of All Saints’ Day. Others maintain that it has a pagan origin, influenced by the ancient Celtic harvest festivals. The truth is that, be that as it may, is one of the most fun parties for children and adults .

Halloween themed weddings

A Halloween-themed wedding is not at all common. Surely, the most traditional will find this idea a bit crazy, but for the most daring people it will be the most fun and original. For a true themed wedding, you might consider including a dark and cool color palette in the décor. Also textured fabrics and why not a bit of smoke in the place. And, of course, the classic pumpkin lanterns to give it dark lighting.

Whether the party is themed or not, some Halloween wedding invitations can be a fun gesture when it comes to summoning the guests, if we are close to this date. Depending on how much you want to play with the idea, the invitations should suggest the same climate that the event is going to have . Therefore, we have different options for you to choose the one that best suits your style.

Ideas for Halloween wedding invitations

Invitations are an important part of planning a wedding. They are the first contact that the guests will have with the celebration. Therefore, the design you choose should reflect the spirit of the wedding as well as possible . There are numerous designs that play with the idea of ​​Halloween more or less explicitly.

Gothic style Halloween wedding invitations

One way to suggest a Halloween theme is to use a certain color palette and fonts for the invitations. The predominant black color, combined with white or red, can give the right idea. And some stern and serious lyrics can help build the idea.

Invitación de boda

The first Halloween wedding invitations that we present could work at any type of party. The combination of black and white and a very sober typography is suggestive but not too suggestive. They are ideal for a less risky style, without losing elegance, where black watercolor imposes some mystery. If you are looking for a middle ground between romance and fright, invitations of this style can work perfectly.

Invitaciones de boda de Halloween

Something a little more risky. These invitations made with laser cut on black cardboard give an adorable and gloomy impression at the same time . Black hearts always work this way, playing on the idea of ​​love and terror. Some Halloween wedding invitations a little more daring than the previous ones, without going to extremes.

Till death do us part

The classic love phrase that the bride and groom say to each other in their vows can also be interpreted in another way. One way to play with the horror climate of Halloween is to re-signify these words. Many Halloween wedding invitations seek to give this phrase a more literal and fun tone.

Invitación de boda

These invitations combine a little bit of everything. Until death do us part seems to be the main idea that orders everything. In addition, we have the typical Day of the Dead skulls acting as the bride and groom. And if anything is missing, the ticket card adds an even more playful tone. One of the most daring ideas for a Halloween wedding, where there is no doubt what it is about.

Invitaciones de boda de Halloween

Keeping in the same vein, these Halloween wedding invitations are a bit more extreme. The color scheme includes a fiery red that gives it more punch, and incorporates typical tattoo elements. Skulls, crosses, roses and other ornaments form a fairly clear idea of ​​the style of the bride and groom . The varied and eye-catching fonts add to the overall décor. These cards are not for everyone!

Halloween wedding invitations with pumpkins

The classic Halloween pumpkins could not be absent from this tour. These elements are, possibly, the most representative of the festival. When we see them, we automatically think of that date and all the legends and stories that surround them. Incorporating them in the invitations will leave no doubt about the theme of the wedding.

Halloween wedding invitations

A few cobwebs here, a bat over there … And, of course, a lot of pumpkins. These Halloween wedding invitations leave no doubt. With a black background and orange accents, has all the necessary elements to ensure that the party will be terrifying , in a good way. If you have already decided that it will be a themed wedding, these cards seem the most suitable you can find.

A Halloween wedding is, without a doubt, a special wedding. Something that goes outside the normal parameters and that bets for the different. It is not for everyone, but surely we all rejoice greatly when we receive the invitation. A most original event, where fun is guaranteed . Of course, there will be a place for love and affection. After all, it is still a wedding. But leave a little room to the imagination and the juice never hurts, and on Halloween this inevitably happens. Whether the wedding is themed or you are just thinking about some Halloween wedding invitations, some of the ideas that we have just seen will be useful to you.


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