Homemade cricut wedding invitations

When planning a wedding, you have to be attentive to all the details. The place, the decoration, the cake, the dresses, the food, the guests … The list seems endless. And last but not least, all of this costs a fortune of money. However, there are some details where you can save a good amount, without sacrificing quality. Everything that we can do ourselves from home will mean a huge advantage. Cricut wedding invitations are a great way to get a distinctive and personalized detail, and at a very low cost. We are going to show you some great ideas so you can put into practice and make your own invitations.

What are cricut wedding invitations?

First of all, we have to be clear about what we are talking about when we refer to cricut wedding invitations. In short, they are invitation cards made in our own home, with the help of some more or less technological tools.

Cricut is a North American brand that manufactures precision cutting machines for the home. Basically, it is the classic cutting plotter that we can find in a printing company, but in home size. This little wonder will allow you to print and cut your invitations with professional designs from your home desk . Of course, acquiring one of these machines costs a few tickets. But, luckily, there are different models that adapt to all needs.

Cricut Joy: the basic and most economical option

Cricut Joy

The Cricut Joy is the most basic and simple model, but it is perfect for making beautiful cricut wedding invitations. With a simple and elegant design , and a size that fits in any space, it is the perfect ally when it comes to thinking about wedding cards. Due to the cost of the machine, the utility and the high price of the professional invitations, this investment almost pays for itself.

Cricut Explore: more power and versatility

Cricut Explore

For the most demanding, there is the option of a more powerful machine, although a little more expensive. The Cricut Explore will not only allow you to make your own cricut wedding invitations, but it will allow you much greater breadth and variety of materials. Cardboard, wood, fabric, vinyl … anything can be used to create. This option is ideal for those who love to do crafts , beyond wedding cards.

Ideas for cricut wedding invitations

In addition to the cutting machine, we will need a paper according to the invitations we want to make. There are multiple textures, qualities, thickness and colors . It is important to note that the paper should not only be attractive, but compatible with our Cricut machine. We leave you some options here and there that can be useful when choosing the paper.

Once we have all the materials, we need an attractive design and according to the party that we are going to celebrate. This is the part where we can get creative and let our imagination run wild. The different motifs, drawings and fonts can be combined in the way we want according to our taste and style. Some of the more creative cricut wedding invitation ideas, below.

Templates for cricut wedding invitations

One of the fundamental aspects of the design is the cutting template that the Cricut machine will use as a guide. There are many sites where you can buy these templates, and we can even get some free ones by doing a little research on the internet. The cutting template is the fundamental detail that we will incorporate into the invitation, therefore it is important that we make a good choice.

Envelope template

Invitaciones de boda cricut

This beautiful envelope card is one of the most beautiful and simple you can find. Made in a single piece, the folds towards the center create the illusion of an envelope containing the invitation inside. A simple but elegant idea , which can be finished with a bow as illustrated in the photo. The silver or gold color adds a very special shine to it.

Template with two flaps

Invitaciones de boda cricut

Similar to the previous one, in this case the side flaps simulate being a kind of door to the interior, where the invitation is located. A very powerful metaphor that perfectly illustrates the meaning of the card: receiving guests in the intimacy of the couple . The metallic blue tone can be replaced, depending on the aesthetic you want to give yourself.

Three-part template

Invitaciones de boda cricut

This invitation has more folds than the previous ones, but it is not difficult to carry it out with the help of the Cricut. The envelope opens in the middle and reveals both the invitation and the cards for the guests. All wrapped in a simple and elegant decoration, in an opaque blue color that denotes sobriety .

Template with figure of the bride and groom

Invitaciones de boda cricut

This template is a bit more complex than the others in terms of its design. The image of the couple under a tree stands out against a light background , where the invitation is located. Brown or natural colors perfectly match the branch and leaf details on the inside of the card.

Make the most of cricut wedding invitations

As we can see, the option of making our own invitations with the help of the Cricut cutting machine can be a lot of fun. Not only will we save a good deal of money , but we will be able to personalize invitations in ways we never thought possible. We have tons of templates to explore and give our cricut wedding invitations the look that best suits our style.

Of course, in addition to the cut, we will have to define the content of the invitations. Fonts, drawings, textures and other decorations that will go inside. All of these issues are important, whatever invitation format we have in mind. But the detail achieved thanks to the precision cut is a seal of quality that makes the difference between a normal job and a professional one, even if we have done it at home and with our own hands.


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