How to Get Handwritten Wedding Invitations

Do you want to make a handwritten invitation for your wedding ? Here we tell you everything you need to know, we show you the best models, we inspire you with a gallery and we guide you to go out today with your chosen invitation.

The time has come to get serious! It’s time to talk about the invitations. Do you want every detail of your wedding to be perfect? Do you want to surprise your guests and give them a magical night? You will have to start with the invitations.

So let the invitation last first, because the first thing the world will see , except for the two of you, will be the invitation.

Regardless of which type of invitation you choose, you will have the same challenges as all brides: What to write in a formal invitation? If it is a family, who do I name? Whom to mention? Are my godparents included? My parents? My bridesmaids? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

What information should wedding invitations carry?

When writing the text of your invitation, either why you are going to pass it on to a professional for him to take care of, or why you are going to print them yourself, you should make sure you have all this information:

  • The names of the bride and groom
  • The names of the parents
  • The wedding day
  • The exact time
  • Place of the ceremony
  • City, State and Year

Something that is customary is to add if you want the guests to confirm their attendance at the event without the acronym: RSVP.

RSVP is the acronym for the French expression: Répondez s’il vous plaît, literally “Respond if you please”. But if this is too “frenchified” for you, you can put any short phrase to replace it like: “We wait for you, confirm attendance”.

How should wedding invitations be written?

Before deciding on a handwritten invitation you need to know what to write on it, if you already have absolutely everything clear, or there is a specialist helping you, skip this section.

Protocol-wise there are rules to follow when writing an invitation:

  • Parents’ names must be written with only one first and last name. The names of the bride’s parents go first. If one of the parents has passed away and wants to be added, you can do it, the traditional thing is to add a cross next to it, or some other symbol that the relative likes.
  • The full names of the bride and groom are written , without surnames. Of course the bride’s name comes first.
  • The wedding day must be specified with the day of the week, , that is, not only the numerical distinction. For example, “Sunday, February 20 at 2:00 P.M. “
  • The place of the ceremony and its location by sector are mentioned. That is, Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, La Lagunita. However, we always recommend adding extra information so that no one gets lost. Like an extra map in the invitation envelope.
  • Placing the names of your godparents is optional. If you want to repay their support, this is the perfect time.

Now we do go on to talk about what we came for, the handmade invitations.

Watercolor: The trend in handmade invitations.

If you want a warm and industrial zero result, it is best to order handmade wedding invitations with watercolor, they look much more natural and for floral details are ideal.

The watercolor detail is long-lasting, eye-catching, and a little nostalgic – everything a good wedding should have. The variety of designs that can be achieved in watercolor are countless.

On the Internet when you search for “Wedding invitations by hand”, many “do it yourself” results appear, we do not recommend it.

As much skill as you have, keep in mind that you will have to replicate the style in at least 50 invitations. And we tell you from my heart, friend, there are already enough issues to solve in a wedding to do that evil.

Pay attention to calligraphy and materials:

Basically what letter do you write with? What details does it have? And on what materials it is made.

These are factors that you will have to take into account when hiring a handwritten wedding invitation service.

Everything is in the calligraphy, make sure that the style you choose identifies you as a girlfriend and especially you as a couple.

Without further ado, we leave you the list of options so that you can have your unique and unrepeatable invitation, handmade:

Where to get handmade invitations?

There are a lot of places where they offer this service, we will recommend some for you to compare and decide:

The first option is cheap and of quality, a very good girl who is starting, you can follow her on Instagram, we show you a little of her work:

You can also get it online by visiting their site: https:// /


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