Jewish wedding invitations: ideas and designs

The celebration of a wedding is a moment of union that crosses all cultures. Within the Jewish, there are many traditions that are practiced during this type of festival. Reading the Torah and the Ketubah, the moment of the Seven Blessings or the classic chair dance , to name a few examples. However, the wedding begins from the moment you start planning. For this reason, it is important that the guests understand the spirit and the religious customs to start the celebration. Here are some ideas to put together some magnificent Jewish wedding invitations that combine design and tradition.

In Hebrew, kiddushin is the term for the marriage union. This celebration is closely linked to Jewish culture and tradition. The ceremony is carried out in a cloth wedding canopy with four pillars, called chupá. Once the ceremony has started, it is made up of two parts. In the engagement or Erusin , the blessings and the delivery of the ring by the groom are given. Then, in the marriage or Nisuin the Seven Blessings are recited and ends with the classic breaking of the cup. As we see, many typical rituals are involved in the ceremony.

Tips for Jewish Wedding Invitations

To make the perfect Jewish wedding invitations, there are several issues that we must take into account. To honor the culture, we may consider including some references within the text of the cards. Some tips that can be of great help:

  • It is very common to include within the text of the invitations some words written in traditional Hebrew . They can be the names of the bride and groom or some representative phrase of the Jewish culture. It is important that, in these cases, the translation is included for those guests who do not understand the language.
  • It should be remembered that, within Jewish culture, the Hebrew lunar calendar strong is used. In order not to generate any confusion with the dates, it is important to clarify this in the invitation. Especially if some of the guests are not Jewish.
  • Jewish weddings are usually very formal, especially if they are Orthodox ceremonies. Either way, it is possible to have a more relaxed party that respects tradition. Therefore, it is important to clarify the dress code. Good Jewish wedding invitations perfectly reflect the level of formality of the ceremony .

Ideas and designs for Jewish wedding invitations

When we are clear about everything that we must include in the cards, it is time for design. As we know, Jewish culture has its own symbols and customs . Many of these issues can be included in the design of Jewish wedding invitations. Here are some ideas to suit all tastes.

Simple Jewish Wedding Invitations with Hebrew Text

Invitaciones de boda judía

These classic invitations stand out for their austerity and simplicity , qualities highly valued in Jewish culture. With a white background and bright gold lettering, some of the text is translated into Hebrew. A way to include the Jewish tradition, without leaving out those who do not understand the language.

Modern and sophisticated invitations

Invitación de boda

These beautiful Jewish wedding invitations stand out for being modern and elegant . Its design combines a blue brush stroke, the same as the typeface, with a gold detail. The Star of David , in the center and above, is the great symbolic reference of the culture bean. An elegant touch that refers to the most intimate of tradition.

Invitations with typical colors

Invitaciones de boda judía

This design is an excellent sample of the main elements that we can find in Jewish wedding invitations. In addition to the classic Star of David, the palette of celestial and blue colors is a constant in this culture . The watercolor background and the text box form a design that combines perfectly.

Two-color invitations with stars

Invitación de boda

An option similar to the previous one, but made only from two colors. Against the blue background, the simple design is printed entirely in gold. In addition to the text with the necessary information, several typical stars decorate the card. A simple design with few colors, but with a lot of elegance .

Colorful and Designer Jewish Wedding Invitations

Invitaciones de boda judía

In Jewish culture, the pomegranate fruit symbolizes beauty and love , making it more than appropriate for Jewish wedding invitations. This design also stands out for the beauty of the drawing, similar to a stained glass window. Its colors and the detail of the gold line give it an original and beautiful appearance.

Invitations with the tree of life

Jewish wedding invitations

The tree of life, or etz chaim , symbolizes the blossoming of new souls. A more than appropriate motif for Jewish wedding invitations, and that can be combined with a variety of colors and styles. In this case, the tree cut out of white paper on the wooden background, and the detail of the red heart with the initials of the bride and groom.

Abstract invitations with the Star of David

Invitaciones de boda judía

These invitations are inspired by the classic Star of David. However, that is not the main component of the design. The name of the bride and groom stands out in the center, while the star is present in a more abstract way in the relief of the paper. A modern and elegant design that does not stop referring to tradition .

Jewish culture is very rich in traditions and symbols. Their weddings are characterized by respectfully attending all rituals, but they are still very fun and joyful. Rather the complete opposite. The celebration is also a way of celebrating the faith. In the case of weddings, the union of the couple surrounded by loved ones, family and friends is celebrated. For this special occasion, it is necessary to give an account of the spirit and culture of the bride and groom. Therefore, this collection of Jewish wedding invitations can be very useful when it comes to summoning the guests.


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