Look at this Beautiful Acrylic Wedding Invitations

The new trend is here, at Wiki Wedding we couldn’t let it pass: Wedding invitations in acrylic.
If your intention is to surprise your guests from the first moment you have to consider making your invitations in acrylic. They are slightly more expensive than traditional ones, although not much more than handmade ones.
Novel, creative and very resistant, discover everything you need to know about acrylic wedding invitations.

What are the characteristics of acrylic invitations?

They have the ability to be extremely resistant , the chances that an acrylic invitation will be damaged are few.
They will resist water, heat and humidity much better than paper, but of course you should not drop or manipulate them excessively.
Acrylic is not a material that breaks easily, it will withstand some falls, what you should take into account is not to stain it, nothing very different from regular invitations.
Finally, acrylic invitations are an excellent base to print or sublimate on them. You can add photos or artistic designs ensuring great quality.

In what type of weddings to use it?

The truth is n all but the most traditional. Acrylic has the ability to withstand any design, with the right taste you can achieve the style you want.
An acrylic invitation can look boho, modern, youthful and even vintage.
However, you can maximize the style or concept of your wedding with this type of invitation, especially if your decoration will be modern or minimalist.
Acrylic tea invitations will suit for example if your celebration is going to have a lot of lighting, or avant-garde decoration, or a modern fondant cake.
You can fully exploit the potential of the invitations by combining them with other transparent details, imagine the following:
A civil marriage, with purple as the main theme Do you have it? OKAY! Now add purple lighting, ghost chairs and acrylic invitations on the tables. Voila! A perfectly executed concept.

How to send the invitations?

Here you have two options, the cheapest and most casual is an envelope, generally acrylic invitations are 3mm thick . You should look for an envelope that does not dazzle your spectacular invitation.
On the other hand you have the option of using a box, but it ends up making the invitation a bit heavy, perhaps too formal for our liking. Not to mention that costs are too high.
Whatever you decide to send it, make sure that the design is spectacular enough that your guests want to leave them later as decoration, so they will never forget the date. We also recommend you to read.

How to complement your acrylic invitations

If you want to take it to the next level, you can do much more than your acrylic invitation.
Acrylic tabletop identifiers look spectacular, especially if you’re using tables with clear bases or ghost-style chairs. The important thing is to keep the concept from the delivery of the invitation until the end of the party.
On the other hand you can use acrylic to make a welcome sign with your or your husband’s names or initials. Something big that is at the entrance, near a photo booth or behind your table.
The “ wish box ” can also be made in acrylic, so that all guests write their best messages either behind the photos taken or in the notes.

Acrylic invitations, get inspired by these ideas:

If you still haven’t decided on any style, these ideas will help you.
How about this super stately but romantic? They use a white-based acrylic to make the text easier to read. Also the detail of the Lupita was too cute.
Acrylic applied for the purest style of a young wedding, modern even vintage. When we told you that acrylic works for everything, we did not lie to you. Cheer up!
What a beauty! In this case they used a box with a high quality print on the bottom to achieve that effect. Are you already falling in love with acrylic invitations right?
Classic versions can also be made with acrylic wedding invitations. In fact they are spectacular, remember to combine the flowers with the ones you use as a bouquet.
We hope this information has been really useful to you. If you have any doubt about i acrylic wedding invitations leave us a comment, we are here to help you.


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