Mountain wedding invitations: the perfect scenery

The clean air and nature are an attraction for anyone during their vacations or free time. There are those who prefer to cool off on the beach or go for a walk in the countryside. But for mountain lovers, nothing better than a wide landscape with snowy peaks and lush forests. And, when planning an outdoor wedding, the immensity that the mountainous landscape proposes is a perfect setting to obtain a dream photo. A ceremony at the foot of the mountain can be one of the best ideas we can imagine. If breathtaking landscapes appeal to you, these mountain wedding invitations are perfect for you.

Outdoor weddings are an option that has more followers every day. Being able to enjoy clean air and contact with nature is not something we can do every day. Especially those of us who live in the city, surrounded by buildings and concrete. Therefore, the special occasion of a wedding can be a perfect opportunity to meet again with the most beautiful landscapes. A large space with mountains in the background can be the perfect setting for a wedding, especially in summer or spring . And, as always, the invitations should be consistent with this special occasion.

Ideas for mountain wedding invitations

Some invitations for a ceremony in the mountains can opt for different styles and designs. One option may be to include drawings or illustrations of various peaks with their vegetation, anticipating the landscape that will be seen at the wedding. Another, a bit more traditional, can focus on a color palette that matches the landscape. However, it is important to remember that invitations are the cover letter for the party . Therefore, they are an extremely important element in anticipating everything that will later take place at the wedding.

Invitations with mountain color palette

The least risky option when designing mountain wedding invitations is to use a range of colors related to the landscape . In this way, we avoid drawings or any direct association, but we keep the reference with the spirit of the party.

Mountain wedding invitations

We start with the most traditional option of all, for those who are looking for something subtle. These invitations do not have any direct reference that makes us think of a mountain wedding. However, paper that assimilates the texture of cardboard, the brown color and simple decoration can work perfectly. An option that can be adapted to different styles and personalities , without being too flashy.

Wedding invitation

Another color palette that can work very well with a mountainous landscape is burgundy or red wine . Apart from the reference to the drink, it works very well with the earthy and greenish colors of the mountain landscape. These are not strictly mountain wedding invitations, but they can go very well.

Black and white invitations

Wedding invitations can be very varied, both in their design and in the choice of colors. When making a decision, these issues must be taken into account. For this reason, many people prefer a traditional option: black and white . Combining illustrations of peaks and cliffs in a design with the sobriety of grayscale can give extremely attractive results. Some of the best mountain wedding invitations have this fusion.

Invitaciones de boda de montaña

This card design consisting of only shades of black is an example of simplicity. A watercolor illustration of a mountain range on a foCompletely white and sober fonts give a very beautiful result. Undoubtedly, the guests will understand at a glance that it is a wedding in the mountains, at the same time that they will perceive the subtlety of the invitation.

Invitación de boda

Another possibility is to go for these pretty mountain wedding invitations which, while similar in composition, do have some differences. The most notorious is the illustration technique. Made with thick, bold lines, gives a more jovial and less solemn impression . An interesting option for those looking for something more informal but equally serious.

Mountain wedding invitations in colors

The most direct and clear invitations on the subject are those that combine a revealing illustration with a color palette that attracts the eye . In this case, we have several examples of mountain wedding invitations to choose from. With shades that go more towards reddish and others close to green, the options are multiple and varied.

Mountain Wedding Invitations

This invitation is perfect for those people who love wildlife. The top phrase that refers to adventure, added to the typical vintage fonts, give a very daring look. The green color palette brings that quota of nature that is typical of an outdoor wedding . These mountain wedding invitations leave no room for doubt about the theme of the celebration.

Invitaciones de boda de montaña

This design combines several issues from the previous options. For one thing, the color palette around brown is typical of the landscape. On the other, we have a mountain range made with watercolors that gives it presence and subtlety. And as for the typography, the choice is modern, according to current fashion. These mountain wedding invitations have everything any nature lover can look for .

A mountain wedding is a most attractive ceremony for anyone who appreciates nature and the great outdoors. Having that landscape of immensity as a frame for the perfect photo is priceless. The peaks of the mountain range, the vegetation and a blue sky form an image that will surely remain on the retina . As we saw, there are many options available for mountain wedding invitations. Depending on whether you are looking for a more subtle or more adventurous style, in colors or in black and white, we can be sure that we will find the right option.


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