When to send the wedding invitations? The right moment

Brides, the special day is approaching and you have to take into account much more than the dress so that everything goes well. If you are thinking When to send the wedding invitations? You came to the right place.

From experience I tell you, the key to living a wedding without dying of stress in the attempt is organization. A good organization will make you fully enjoy your marriage without having to consult you every time a problem arises.

Yes, some things will go wrong, not everything will be as expected, but that is precisely the magic of the day, in the end everything will be left to feed memories and laughter.

A very important step that people often miss is the invitation. This detail, apparently fully aesthetic, is one of the most important so that everything goes according to plan at the wedding.

You already chose the colors and styles styles but you still have the question When to send the invitations?

This answer is a little more complex than it sounds.

The first thing you need to do before sending invitations is a “Save the date”.

Save the date, the first step before sending the invitations:

Assuming you already have the final guest list (And if you don’t have it yet, don’t worry, at the end of the article there are some recommendations) now you will have to send a “message” to notify your most important friends and family who will be part of your Union.

The crucial thing about Save the Date is that you must do it once you have the date or the week of the event. You may not have the time or place yet, but it will serve to give advance notice so that people will keep the date.

The Save the date must be sent just twice the time before the invitations. In other words, if you send the invitations 2 months before the marriage, you must send the Save the Date 4 months before the date. Do not send it too far in advance to prevent your guests from completely forgetting about it later.

Save the date you can do it in many ways, writing a message, sending a photo, with a cartoon, everything you can think of is worth. However what we recommend is to record a video, this is the easiest way to notify people that it will be part of your wedding, and it will not create confusion:

Normally when you send an image, guests often confuse it with the formal invitation and they save it, believing that it has all the data, when it really is only an incomplete ad. The problem with this is that once the day has come, they will want to check the save the date to find all the data and when they do not see it, they will start calling.

The most important thing is that you make clear in the video that it is an announcement and that later the formal invitation will arrive, so you will avoid many messages from guests consulting for missing information such as Where will the wedding be? How many people can I take? o How should I dress?

How long in advance should I send my invitations?

Once you have sent the Save the Date, you can give yourself a little more time with the invitations and send them no more than three months before.

Your friends and family who live far away or who have to plan a little better to attend will already be organized by save the date, so you can decide between two or three months before the wedding.

The crucial detail here is not to send them more than three months or less than two months in advance. More than 3 months in advance is complicated because people can forget and less than two is very short, it can look rushed on your part, as if you have not organized well or have decided to invite the person at the last minute.

No matter when you decide to send your invitations, it is vital that you put all the necessary information on them.

What information should my invitations carry?

As minimalist as you want to develop the concept, you should always look for ways to put at least the following data:

The address, complete with references, imagine that you are giving it to a person who does not even live in your country and that is the first time that he visits you. Never underestimate the power of misplacement of your diners, I tell you, they always exceed. A small map looks good and helps, but if it doesn’t go well with your invitations you can use a QR code that opens the address in Waze or Google Maps.

The dress code, this is as important as the address, especially if the wedding is during the day, on the beach, or is a typical wedding.

The date and time, of course, it was not necessary to explain it to you, but we give you a tip, always put the reception time about ten minutes later than expected and the church (if you have one) about five minutes before the scheduled time. This will prevent guests from arriving too early to the party or too late to the ceremony.

The number of companions: Whether it is an invitation per family, or an invitation with companions, you must always make clear the number of people for whom the invitation is valid.

In case you missed, we give you a brief summary of when you should send your wedding invitations: First record a video announcing the wedding and asking the guests to save the date, this about six months before. Then if you can send the invitations between two and three months before the wedding. Remember to never overlook placing the complete information in the invitation, this way you will save calls.

Was this article helpful? When are you going to send your wedding invitations? Have you already done Save the Date?


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