Where to get the best Sunflower wedding invitations

Welcome future sunflower-loving brides! If you were looking for Sunflower wedding invitations you came to the right place.

In this article we will recommend the best places to buy or create sunflower-style wedding invitations, we will also show you the best models, adapted to all tastes.

If you are here it is because you love sunflowers but you have never stopped to think why?

What does a sunflower represent?


Meaning of Sunflower:

The word sunflower comes from directly translating the term heliotropism. Helitropic are all those plants that have the ability to rotate to receive the sun. Helium means sun and Trope refers to turning or returning. So the sunflower is the plant that flies in the sun.

Spiritual Meaning:

Sunflowers are surrounded by symbolism. The characteristic circle where it carries its seeds follows the model of the Fermat spiral or parabolic spiral. This spiral is associated with the cosmos, immortality, and the divine.

Heliotropism or sunflower search for the sun in spiritual terms can be translated as a search for light, for good energies associated with health, beauty, luck or vitality.

In addition, the yellow color is related to the chakra that is in the solar plexus, precisely the one in charge of receiving and processing the energy of the sun through respiration.

Representation of yellow on the sunflower:

Despite the fact that there are now sunflower hybrids that are of different colors, this plant is known for its yellow color.

Yellow represents feelings, joy and memories. So a sunflower at the wedding means a happy memory. Isn’t that what we want everyone to take away from our union?

Where to get the best sunflower wedding invitations?

To have your ideal sunflower wedding invitation you have several options. Search in a local store, download a vector format or buy it in an online store.

I imagine that if you are here it is because you have not managed in local establishments, so we will recommend you on the other two options.

Where to download the best sunflower wedding invitations:

There are many pages where you can pay to get original designs and you have a variety of amazing models to choose from.

The first page we recommend is: www.shutterstock.com

On this page you can pay a modest price for downloading and modifying any design. With the help of a person who knows something about design or photoshop, you can modify them to your liking. In fact you can download some that you can fill by hand.

This works great as a base for a simple, vintage bohemian wedding. Changing the background color will be simple, so you don’t necessarily have to stick with blue.

Por su lado esta es una opción modera y elegante sin dejar de ser juvenil. Está muy bien resulta y pensada para ser una invitación de boda con la información necesaria.

Este paquete nos encantó porque es más que una simple invitación. Tiene suficiente espacio para colocar toda la información importante y cuidaron hasta el diseño para dentro del sobre. Si te asesoras bien con alguien que te ayude con la impresión, tendrás una espectacular y económica tarjeta para enviar.

Si querías algo negro y dorado, pero no te atreves a renunciar a tu idea de los girasoles, puedes optar por esta versión. Es una mezcla entre un clásico de bodas, estilos modernos y girasoles.

Finally, an example of Save the Date will be a nice touch with your guests. Always remember that when you send the Save the Date you tell future diners that they will later receive the invitation.

Your other option is the online stores that have sunflower invitations, we also did a little search for you and selected the best models.

Sunflower wedding invitation cards in online stores:

While this issue was created for a proposal, it can work much better as a Save the Date. The text is customizable. Imagine sending the unarmed puzzle to your guests in a nice package, they will never forget the date.


This is a classic and simple option, you can fill it yourself, it is perfect if you do not want to complicate yourself.

This model is quite country, but it is on trend, it is an excellent option if it is in line with the style of your marriage, something cowboy, like the old school.


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