Best Silver Wedding Rings

Tradition indicates that wedding rings are usually made of gold, in some cases encrusted with stones. However, this is not a mandate that everyone respects. Especially nowadays, where traditions no longer have so much weight and each couple can choose what seems best to them. When selecting rings, there are many different materials and designs to choose from . One of the best options, due to its quality and its price somewhat lower than gold, is silver. We’re going to go over some of the best silver wedding rings that you can find, so you can get some ideas.

Silver is an extremely noble material, very ductile and manageable , which allows the making of beautiful pieces of jewelry. It has the whitest color in metals as well as the highest light reflection index . This makes it extremely shiny, especially when polished. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with various qualities of stones in the making of rings.

Simple Silver Wedding Rings

Often times less is more . Keeping things simple is usually a way to find a balance between elegance and taste . In the case of silver wedding rings, this can be seen clearly. Many people prefer simple alliances, without too many additions, for their wedding day.

 silver wedding rings

The first option on the list is the simplest of all. It is a classic circular ring , without cut and without texture, in the style of traditional alliances. The manufacturing material is 925 sterling silver , one of the most used for its quality and malleability. This option is especially attractive for more traditional people, with a classic yet refined taste.

A second option, very similar to the previous one, is this ring with a smooth profile . While the difference is quite subtle, you may notice the angled edge finish instead of the classic rounded finish. It is a detail that can be appreciated when observing carefully. This gives you a fair balance between sobriety and distinction . The material is also 925 silver .

Going towards something a little more original, we find these silver wedding rings with meteorite style . Handcrafted from 925 silver , they use a traditional exterior D-surface design (like the first on the list). The surface is hammered to give a rustic appearance, creating facets that reflect light differently . In addition, they come in two different thicknesses, for men and women.

Silver wedding rings with patterns

For a less traditional look, there are some silver ring options with frame-oriented design work . In this case, we select three examples related to nature .

anillos de boda de plata

The first rings in this section present a vintage style inspired by the vine . Both are made entirely of 925 sterling silver , with ddifferent and complementary designs. For men, it is a thick ring with straight edges , with an engraving of the chosen pattern. For women, it is a irregular edge ring following the design.

In this second example, the silver wedding rings are based on the shape of tree bark . This gives a very particular texture to both pieces. The finest, for women, has some small flowers that protrude from the surface of the ring. The thickest, for man, has some knots simulating the bark of the tree.

anillos de boda de plata

This set of rings is also inspired by nature, in particular the branches and leaves of trees . The male has larger blades and two continuous rings that function as smooth edges. On the other hand, the feminine one does not have smooth edges and the leaves of it are smaller. In addition, it has a round cut sapphire as the main piece.

Wedding rings with stones

For the most demanding bride and groom, there are also options for inlaid silver wedding rings . In general, these types of rings tend to be more expensive, since the stones that are used have a great value. We are going to see some of the most beautiful that can be found.

First of all, we find this beautiful 925 silver ring with a simple design. It is decorated with small zirconia pieces on the sides of the central stone. In this case, it is a red ruby ​​, but the manufacturer offers a wide variety of them. You can choose: garnet , amethyst , aquamarine , alexandrite , or zirconia white , pink , yellow or green .

silver wedding rings

On the other hand, we have as a second option this elegant silver 925 ring. With a antique cut style, it is made up of two hoops that branch off at the top. The decoration is made with small pieces of zirconia . The central jewel is a large 1.6 carat square cut zirconia . It is one of the most elegant silver wedding rings that you can find.

Something different from what you usually see is this 925 sterling silver ring. Among its peculiarities, we can mention the straight edge , which differentiates it from most rings. It has a faceted zirconia decoration on both sides of the central pearl , grown in fresh water. An original ring that combines the modern with the traditional .

Lastly, we have this extremely fine piece of jewelry. The design is simple, Victorian style , based on a plain silver 925 ring. What makes it stand out above all others is the beautiful and large peridot stone with its classic olive green color . Without a doubt, it is an extremely elegant ring.


It can be seen that there are many varieties of silver wedding rings. There are simpler or more complex ones, with a smooth or woven surface, with a D or straight cut. In addition, they can be decorated with a large number of stones, in multiple shapes and colors. Undoubtedly, this material is one of the most versatile when it comes to rings , and the results are very beautiful.


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