Ceramic wedding bands: They are resistant, types

Looking for alliances? You came across the ceramic ones and surely you have no idea what they are or how they are used. A ceramic wedding band doesn’t look much different than a titanium or tungsten one. This type of alliances are created mainly with the purpose of supplying the market for people allergic to some metals.

One of the newest techniques is precisely the one used to create the precious ceramic wedding rings and it is that, one more technique, the appearance or qualities of traditional ceramics are quite absent.

The first thing that occurs to you when you hear “ceramic alliance” for sure is the ring breaking into a thousand pieces on impact with the ground , or perhaps you remember a delicate dish from your mother’s dishes. Nothing is further from reality, a ceramic wedding ring is as indestructible as any other piece of jewelry allied with metal.

How are ceramic wedding bands created?

Ceramic wedding bands are made with a combination of zirconia and pure ceramic powder . This mixture is heated to more than 600 degrees to become a homogeneous liquid, it is shaped and cut before being cooled to obtain the shape of the ring. Once cooled, it is polished and given the characteristic finish.

The ceramic rings are as resistant as those of any other material , except for the tungsten ones. You do not have to worry about them breaking or breaking, in fact one of their biggest disadvantages is their hardness, they are not malleable after they are created.

Why choose a ceramic wedding ring?

Apart from the case in which you have allergies to other components, there are also times when you should opt for a ceramic ring instead of a regular one.

If you want a color ring: With color rings, ceramic has all the advantage. A ceramic ring has the color component in its chemical composition, that is, it is part of the material. In other types of elements the paint is added later on the material. For example, in a black titanium ring, material and color are separate sources, titanium is not black per se, instead ceramic can be. It is like the difference between rose gold and rose painted metal, the same principles apply.

With ceramic rings the material comes with the characteristic color of the ring , if you want a black, pink or blue ring this will be an excellent option, ceramic can come by default in any of those shades.

If you want a ring with a pearl finish: The pearl white color will not be provided with quality by any other material, white gold does not come close. For pearl rings with diamonds there is no better option, if you had it in your plans then choose a ceramic ring.

If you want a non-marking ring: If you are an active person who goes to the gym often a ceramic ring will be ideal , they are really difficult to scratch. If you want a black ring and you are an active person, your favorite material will be ceramic.

Disadvantages of ceramic wedding rings:

Once finished, it is impossible to change its size, if the ring does not look good after the first test, then, you will have to find another one, ceramic alliances cannot be altered in any way once they are created. If you think that the size of your finger may change in the near future, better not opt ​​for this type of ring.

If you intend to lose weight dramatically in the next year, you will need to do so before you define your ring size.

The only other downside is that they are really difficult to remove in an emergency, if you have an industrial accident involving your ring it will be more difficult to remove.

The rest of the ceramic wedding rings have more benefits than cons.

How to choose my perfect ceramic wedding ring?

Calculate the times well: With ceramic rings you don’t have the benefit of fine-tuning the last details of the ring after the wedding. Many couples modify the ring size to make them feel better after the stress of the wedding. As we explained previously, you will not have this option because alliances are not modifiable.

If with normal alliances it is difficult and takes time, with ceramic alliances you will have to plan better. Ideally, you should send or choose your rings at least 3 months before the wedding. Remember that it can take up to a month and a half for a jeweler to finish your pieces.

Define a style and choose a design:

What you should consult when choosing a style are your tastes, not trends. Trends change but the ring will stay on your finger for many more years. The ring talks about you, it is a decorative accessory like any other.

If you are already sure that you want a ceramic ring, the next step will be to decide on the shape, surface and finish. Ceramic rings have the versatility to form any piece, you can have a Celtic ceramic ring, a black ceramic ring or a pearl ceramic wedding ring.

Go discarding, first the color, then the thickness, the texture and finally the inlays.

Ready! You already have all the information you need to opt for a ceramic ring, now enjoy our gallery to inspire you a little more.

Let us know in the comments what type of ring did you choose? Would you dare to wear a ceramic wedding band ? Would you use one of these models?


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