How and what to Engraved in Wedding Bands

Hello girlfriends and boyfriends! We are back, they have not asked for them recurrently and it is time to talk about engraved wedding bands What to record in alliances?

You have a creative block, it seems your neurons have already worked too hard on the choice of dress, church, guests, colors, flowers, decoration, music … We better stop listing. The fact is, you no longer have a clue what to engrave on your wedding ring.

Maybe you think that there are few possibilities, the date of the union, your names, but no, really there are a lot of options, don’t you believe us? You have to read this article.

Ultimate Guide to Engraved Wedding Bands:

Your wedding ring represents the commitment you have with your partner , within it there are many emotions, the most important are love and belonging. Adding a good inscription in the wedding rings will allow you to have a unique object, a wedding ring that really represents them as a couple, is the icing on the cake.

In this guide you will find absolutely all the options and all the ways to get to your ideal engraving.

Why record your wedding band:

  1. Because you personalize the ring , if you don’t engrave it you will end up with a store bought object, while if you do you will have something with meaning. It is like the difference between buying a gift or making one by hand. You will feel that you have a love letter always with you.
  2. Because it will help you to commemorate special moments . Depending on what you record, you can remember a special place or a particular event. You can also commemorate the day of your union.
  3. Because it is something private , the engravings go inside the ring, so you won’t have to share it with anyone if you don’t want to, it will be a shared secret between you and your partner.

How to record your alliance and what to consider:

The first thing is to go to the Jewelry store where you bought the rings, or to one nearby and ask if they offer the engraving service. Engraving can be of two types, by hand or by machine. Hand engraving tends to be more expensive, but generally gives better results than machine engraving.

If your jeweler has the service and tools to engrave by hand, first ask him for a sample of his work. Some jewelers make the engraving on the spot and others you should leave the wedding rings for a few days, if you can always choose the ones that do it in front of you.

Tips when recording your alliance:

  1. Be determined of what you want to record , do not leave the decision for when you are in the store, or ask the jeweler for advice, it must be something personal.
  2. Write and give the jeweler what you want to record , always in writing, never spoken.
  3. Check both alliances several times before leaving , you would be surprised by the number of people who realize after years that there is an error in the engraving.

What to record in wedding bands ?:

Names or initials:

This is a common, classic option, but it doesn’t have to be boring. The good thing about engraving their names is that they will fit into the ring space wonderfully regardless of size.

There are many options you can consider, such as using full names, using first names separated by a “+” or “&;” or infinity. You could also put the last names.

wedding band with names

If you are undecided, here is a list of possible combinations:

  • Use initials: This will allow you to place the largest and most attractive letters. You will also give yourself more space if you want to add an extra phrase, for example “Z + F” Always together.
  • Full names: A classic option, especially if the woman is going to take the man’s last name.
  • Nicknames: Yes, why not have your code names instead of your first names: “Peque + Pache”. It gives a personal section to the piece.

Important dates:

The dates are really easy to engrave on a ring, you will not have any complications with the jewelry box. You can do something classic, like use the wedding date, or record a date that only you and your loved one know what it means.

wedding band with date

Options for dates:

  • The day they met.
  • When they had a date they will never forget.
  • The day they fell in love.
  • The day they got engaged.
  • Their anniversary as boyfriends or girlfriends.

Songs or poems:

Phrases from a song or some poem, or why not, a dialogue from a movie, the important thing is that you identify them both as a couple. The most complex thing here will be choosing the part of the song, but if it means something to both of you, you won’t have to write much.

wedding rings with fraces

Ideas for recording songs:

  • The lyrics of your favorite song.
  • The lyrics of a song that have been dedicated.
  • A phrase from a poem that identifies your relationship.

Divided messages:

This is our favorite option to record alliances, a message that is completed when the rings are joined. You can use many combinations, even the ones we have given you in the list.

The most used in this case are phrases, to leave half in an alliance and the other half in the other. What we recommend is to find a phrase that identifies them both, it is the only important thing.

Some ideas to inspire you:

  1. If you are Disney fans, you can record: To infinity … And beyond.
  2. You can also use two phrases that work alone, but also together: I will love you … Forever.
  3. Engrave in their rings what they love the most: “Amanda’s laugh” … “Gaby’s courage”

Important places:

This is a very good option that few use, you can choose the city that saw their love grow, the place where they met, or simply record the coordinates of their special place.

The most important thing is to choose a really special place for your engraved wedding bands.


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