The most beautiful Opal Wedding Rings

The time has come! It is time to choose your ideal wedding ring and you are thinking, why not an opal one? Maybe you came here late and you have already chosen the dress, the guest list and even the bouquet. Or maybe you came early and didn’t leave the ring choice to the last minute. In any case we will tell you everything you need to know about Opal wedding rings.

I know, you want your wedding band to have personality, you are refused to choose the classic unicolor hoops. Opal is not for everyone, however it is a gemstone that looks great on almost any base, plus it always gets noticed.

If you are one of those who wants their ring to never go unnoticed, you are in the right place , see all the information and ring options we have for you:

The opal, what is it

Opal is an extremely peculiar and different gemstone. You find them in a variety of stunning colors, which is why it is so used in modern jewelry.

You can come across a blue, red, white, transparent, green, red, orange, yellow opal, and even hard-to-describe colors like “Moonlight” opal.

Its name is derived from Latin, in this language the word Opalus, literally meant “Precious stone”.

Opal is basically a type of quartz-style stone that contains water molecules in its chemical composition.

This gemstone has the peculiarity that is only available in few places in the world. Virtually all of its extraction comes from Australia, exactly 98% of the opal in the world market derives from that region.

In fact opal was considered extinct in the 1960s , before finding the new Australian deposits. The entire economy of the Coober Pedy people in Australia depends exclusively on the opal market.

Currently there are two large groups of opals. Synthetics and naturals do indeed already produce laboratory opals.

Our recommendation on Wiki Wedding is to opt for its natural versions, synthetics tend to have less shine, be less valuable and of course do not have any type of energy property.

Energy properties of Opal:

  1. Opal is considered the gemstone of people born in the month of October , different properties are attributed to it at the energy level:
  2. It is associated with relaxation, it fights problems with anxiety and insomnia.
  3. It maintains dynamics of positive thoughts, thus chasing away the bad energies caused by its own bearers.

It is considered the stone of true love, it can help you get and discern about true love, especially fire opal.

Opal Wedding Rings:

In this section you will find the best rings we could get on the internet, as well as a super gallery with the most delicious models to inspire you.

We loved this contender, first for its price and second for its good ratings.

It is an excellent option for couples wedding rings with opals included in the feminine version.

It is an inexpensive, medium-quality choice for an opal ring, however it also has some cons: The gemstone is of synthetic origin and the material is prone to cracking. [/ embed]

A model that makes you fall in love, this choice has everything in its place, materials of the highest quality, good grades, natural opal of a perfect size not to be so imposing but rather balanced and variety of models.

You can choose it in yellow, pink or white gold. We recommend it especially in its pink version if you are a very delicate and feminine bride. [/ embed]

Let’s not ask to pass, this ring is classic but brilliant. We loved the photos provided by customers and most of all we love how stunning those three front opal stones look.

It is a thin ring, not too imposing, but very bright and shiny.

It comes on 14K white gold, so maintenance of the piece should not worry you. [/ embed]

Now, the classic and imposing opal wedding ring, if you wanted a traditional style with opal included, you cannot miss this model.

It has 5 stars in its ratings, it has excellent materials and the best is its price. Few rings with those characteristics have that value.

It also includes the box that seems to be quite cute, with good shape, materials and color.

The wedding ring as such is in 14k white gold and the rhinestones combine opal with purple garnet to obtain the contrast. [/ embed]

This was love at first sight for us. A completely passionate ring: Rose gold, diamonds and a perfect fire opal in the middle.

For its materials it has an excellent price, it always comes in 14K gold. The diamond inlays are 12 in total.

Pictures of opal wedding rings:

Without further ado, we leave you here a gallery to inspire you and decide today for your opal gemstone wedding ring:

wedding rings opal

And these are the opal wedding rings we have found.


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