Pearl wedding rings with sparkle and elegance

When choosing wedding rings, there are many design and style options depending on the taste of the bride and groom and their budget. The rings can be of different materials, with different shapes and adorned with a stone. Among these options, one possibility is to choose pearl wedding rings , in which this object takes the leading role.

Pearls are a hard and shiny formation, produced by some living animals, such as mollusks. They can be grown voluntarily or extracted from a natural environment, and are highly valued for jewelry making . It is the oldest known jewel, due to its natural character. In some wedding rings, they symbolize harmony , purity and loyalty , so they perfectly represent marital values. Here is a selection of the best pearl wedding rings you can find.

Silver wedding rings

The first options we have when selecting wedding rings with embedded pearls are those made with silver. Due to the shades of the colors of both materials, this combination is one of the most preferred by jewelers. The silver and white of the pearl highlight the purity and elegance of these rings .

The first design in the collection is this fine and elegant 925 silver ring . It is decorated with small white sapphires that give it a spectacular shine. And, of course, a perfect white pearl stands out in the center, giving the ring a unique touch.

Pearl wedding rings

This second option is a little more complete than the previous one, since it includes decorative stones of considerable size. Made of 925 silver , the white freshwater cultured pearl is incorporated in the center. On the sides of this, two aquamarine blue stones are embedded. Without a doubt, it is one of the most beautiful pearl wedding rings to be found.

This third option stands out for its originality , thanks to the fact that the pearl included is pink . These types of pearls are specially cultivated in fresh water and hand-selected by the producers. It is mounted on a silver ring decorated with crystals . The pink tone in contrast to the silver and the brilliance of the crystals is what makes this ring unique.

Gold rings

Of course, the most classic option when it comes to wedding rings is gold . It is the material preferred by most of the bride and groom, both for its durability and for its symbolic value . When choosing pearl wedding rings, gold can work perfectly.

 Pearl Wedding Rings

This first alternative has an excellent price and quality ratio. The ring is gold plated and decorated with zircons around the main piece . It should be noted that the pearl is also made of polished zirconia, so it is not of real natural origin. Either way, the ring’s appeal is perfect for a wedding occasion.

This second gold ring stands out for its finesse and minimalist style . It is made entirely of 18-carat rose gold and features cubic zirconia details in the decoration. Supported by the metal finishes is the white pearl , which is the center of attention of the piece. Among the pearl wedding rings available, it is one of the finest and most elegant.

Pearl wedding rings

Another possibility we have is this 18-karat gold-plated ring . Its design stands out for being striking, since it has a large freshwater cultured pearl in the center of a decorative circle with cubic zirconia pieces . It symbolizes protection and the center of the gaze, expressed in the design of the ring.

Finally, we have this ring that turns out to be the most striking of the gold options. The design is somewhat more daring than the previous ones , due to the asymmetric construction around the freshwater cultured pearl . The main material is 14-karat gold-plated brass , and it is decorated with cubic zirconia pieces. One of the most striking and original pearl wedding rings that can be found.

Black pearl wedding rings

If what you are looking for is something really special for the occasion of the marriage ceremony, you can opt for a ring with a black pearl . These types of pearls are more exotic and rare than the classic white ones, and therefore they result in more striking and original rings. Some of the options for choosing black pearl wedding rings are as follows.

 Pearl Wedding Rings

The first alternative is this beautiful high quality 925 silver ring , decorated with cubic zirconia stones . The design widens until it reaches the maximum point, where the black pearl of 10 mm in diameter is located, which contrasts with the colors of the metal. Undoubtedly, it is a combination that stands out for its exclusive appearance and the beauty and luster of black pearl.

Finally, the last option is one of the most exclusive. It is a black pearl grown in Tahiti , one of the most special productions of these objects. The pearl is mounted on a silver ring decorated with cubic zirconia . The simple design stands out, allowing the black pearl to shine perfectly.

As we can see, there are several options for pearl wedding rings. Usually, these jewels are made of silver or gold and decorated with some type of crystals such as zirconia. With regard to pearl, there are different colors, the most common being white, although there are also pink or black . Whatever the style and preference of the bride and groom, pearl wedding rings arevery original and attractive to wear at the ceremony.


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