Types of Ruby Wedding Rings

If you love the color red and are searching for the perfect wedding ring then congratulations! You are in the right place . In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about ruby ​​wedding rings. We will also give you reviews about the best purchases you can make from Amazon for this type of alliances and we’ll inspire you with a cool image gallery.

Let’s start!

What is ruby?

It is a red sapphire, or to be more specific a reddish corundum. This type of precious stones all come from the same family, if they are of any color except for the red one, they will be called Sapphires.

One of the 4 gemstones, on that list is accompanied by diamond, sapphire, and emerald.

However, ruby ​​is the only one that came to have the title of “queen of gems”, its striking red color not only gave it a particular name, but also made it a favorite of royalty, artists and world stars.

Ruby is considered a stone of the sun, represents vitality and fire force. In our modern culture it is the ambassador of love and passion within the most precious gemstones.

Since ancient times ruby ​​has been used as a protection stone . Its color was attributed as safeguard properties against any misfortune, that is why its wearers caught any jewel with ruby ​​when embarking on trips and important tasks.

Precisely his classification as the queen of precious stones comes from his translation in Sanskrit, a very old self-language, in this ruby language it literally meant king of the stones. This gives us an idea of ​​how long ruby ​​has been important to humanity.

Energy properties of ruby ​​

  1. Ruby has an energetic property associated with rejuvenation, fresh ideas and even the ability to revive hidden spiritualities. It is considered a stone with capacities to promote impulsive and passionate behaviors.
  2. It also brings vigor, activity, courage, spontaneity and of course a lot of passion.

How to verify that it is authentic

Being so popular in the world of jewelry, ruby ​​counterfeits are becoming more common, there are even completely synthetic limitations.

To check whether or not a ruby ​​is genuine you can use any of the following methods, we recommend combining more than one:

The easiest way to determine if a ruby ​​is genuine will always be to check its color and luster characteristics . The color of a ruby ​​should be even and intense , counterfeit gems tend to be luminous but not refractive, that is, will be much less brilliant than legitimate rubies.

If the counterfeit ruby ​​is of very poor quality it has probably been painted red somewhere in the process, you can try dipping it and then run it over some soft white surface, preferably fabric. A counterfeit ruby ​​could leave a stain on the surface.

Of course the best way to identify the veracity of a ruby ​​is to go to a specialized jeweler.

Ruby Wedding Rings

We loved this first recommendation because it is excellently balanced, the ring is 14 karat yellow gold, the ruby ​​is seven carats. What we liked the most was the color combination that makes it a classic but youthful and delicate piece.

With this you will pay the fair for what you are acquiring, without excesses or inappropriate prices. Also, who doesn’t love the combination of red with gold?

We chose this one because it is a different model out of the traditional as far as the ruby ​​market is concerned. The jeweler managed to combine a rare material like white gold with five good-sized ruby ​​stones and even diamond inlays.

It has free shipping and although the product as such still does not have classifications, the seller has time trading within the platform.

The only thing we do not love about this item is the box, it has the company logo very marked, we would recommend you choose a different one.

Next we will show you the best ruby ​​rings that we could find on the entire Internet. If you still can’t decide these images will help you fill with inspiration to get your ideal ruby ​​wedding ring :

Ruby wedding rings


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