Star Wars Wedding Rings

Nothing is said when it comes to people’s tastes. Everyone can choose what he feels best, and much more if it is her own wedding day. In fact, it is on these special occasions when personal imprint is most valued. When choosing wedding rings, it is important that they reflect the tastes and personality of the bride and groom. If they are fans of the Star Wars saga, it is logical that their choice has to do with this theme, although it seems that it has nothing to do with a wedding. If you are one of those who were fascinated by this story of wars and space travel, do not miss these Star Wars wedding rings of the most original.

The Star Wars saga has many fans around the world. He is an unavoidable reference to pop culture and the geek community. Many couples found their love in the shared feeling towards this science fiction universe. Its characters not only live extraordinary adventures, but they also have love stories. That is why, on the occasion of a wedding, there are many elements of the saga that can serve as inspiration.

Wedding rings with Star Wars elements

One way to get inspired by this fantastic universe is to take representative elements and turn them into pieces of jewelry. This can include both physical objects and meaningful phrases . Some of the Star Wars wedding rings take these issues and embody them in metal.

Star Wars Wedding Rings

Many iconic lines from the movies are etched in the memory of fans. Of these, perhaps the most related to love is the dialogue between Han Solo and Princess Leia . When she confesses her love with “I love you”, he answers with an irreverent “I know”, true to her style. Despite the comedic nature of the scene, it is still a demonstration of love for both of them, each in her own way. These rings are engraved with those phrases, which fans immediately associate with the love between Han and Leia. The manufacturing material is stainless steel.

Another characteristic element of this universe is the lightsabers that the Jedi and the Sith use for combat. These Star Wars wedding rings are inspired by these deadly weapons, each adopting a particular color . Depending on how they are placed, these rings may be disguised and not represent such a clear reference to the movies.

Wedding rings with Star Wars symbols

Apart from the objects, the symbology of this universe is very representative. Above all, what refers to the sides that face each other in the intergalactic dispute. Mainly the Rebel Alliance , to which the heroes of the saga belong, but also the Empire and other groups have their own symbols.

Anillos de boda de Star Wars

This Star Wars wedding ring set is inspired by the Rebel army logo. Both rings have a different design. The masculine is smoother, with the symbol in the central part, while the feminine is openwork with a design that is repeated throughout the entire ring. They can be chosen in 925 silver , or yellow gold , pink or white.

If what you are looking for is something more similar to an alliance, you can opt for this simple piece. It is a simple 925 silver ring , which includes the symbol of the Rebel Alliance perfectly finished.

Anillos de boda de Star Wars

Other options for Star Wars wedding rings include other symbols. In addition to the Rebel Alliance , many grooms choose to lean towards the Galactic Empire or the Jedi Order . Even with the success of the last series, you can also opt for ones with the Mandalorians logo. These rings are made of stainless steel .

Star Wars wedding rings with stones

If you want to opt for more refined rings, there are several options that include an embedded stone . Of course, these Star Wars wedding rings are more expensive than the previous ones, as these materials are usually very valuable.

The first proposal is this white or pink gold ring inspired by various elements of the Star Wars universe. On the sides you can see the bracelets of Princess Leia , the helmet of Drath Vader and the symbol of the Rebel Alliance . In the center, the stone stands out, which in this case is cubic zirconia . On request, you can choose the material (silver , white gold or pink) and also a higher value stone.

 Star Wars Wedding Rings

This second option is available in palladium , but also in yellow or white gold . Features movie details like lightsabers on the sides and the Rebel Alliance symbol. In addition, the stone used is a moissanite in the center and two blue diamonds on the sides.

In this case, the Star Wars wedding ring set is made up of different pieces. The masculine one is thicker and presents in the center the symbol of the Jedi Order with a diamond . The feminine, finer, is decorated with two identical logos with a turquoise diamond each, and in the center a moissanite stone. They can be ordered in silver or white gold .

Finally, this ring is made of silver although it can also be made of white gold . The decoration consists of two symbols of the A Rebel Alliance athe sides, inlaid with several blue stones. The main stone is a cubic zirconia .


We have seen multiple Star Wars wedding ring options in this selection. From simple steel alliances with some minimal reference, to adorned rings with multiple precious stones and made of different materials, according to different budgets. For movie fans, these options can be a great inspiration at your wedding time. In all cases, we hope you can take some ideas from this selection and may the force be with you!


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