The Gothic Wedding Rings that stand out

If you’ve already read our other articles on Gothic weddings, now you only need the last piece: The ring. Gothic wedding rings unlike conventional ones, are a true distinctive piece. They will have to reflect your Gothic part 100%, remember that you will have it for a lifetime and it will be an amazing piece of jewelry that you must combine with all your clothes.

Traditional wedding rings are very similar, let’s say standard: A white gold or yellow gold ring, all the same. In our case, we are lucky to choose our perfect match.

In this article we will help you choose your gothic ring with a list of the best contenders that we could find in online stores.

If you choose this type of alliances you will have to have them personalized with a jeweler, or be more sensible and buy it online. Visiting classic physical stores will be a waste of time and it is precisely time that we do not have when organizing a wedding.

The best gothic wedding rings of 2020

In this list we gave ourselves the task of looking for the best models, you will discover that it is the only list on the internet that pays attention to the materials and the reputation of the sellers . At Wiki Wedding we are not going to recommend any piece that cannot last a lifetime, you will not want to have a toy ring as proof of your union.

Here are the best models of Gothic wedding rings that you can get, with their characteristics, prices, materials and links to buy them:

Skulls and diamonds wedding ring [/ embed]

This first copy <strong> perfectly combines the classic look of a wedding ring with the Gothic style. </strong> From a distance it looks like a sophisticated and delicate piece of classic jewelry, but when you look closely you can find its two skulls positioned at the sides of the diamond.

We liked this gothic wedding band first for its design and second for its materials, it is a 1.00 carat diamond cut into points. The ring is forged in 925 silver, without plating of any kind.

The only warning we give you with this ring is that you will buy it from a new seller on Amazon, some of their pieces have a good rating, but in some others the average is 3 stars. As a general recommendation, first do your research and then buy.
<h3>Gothic wedding band with ruby:</h3>
<a href=" -set-r623ps-14kbregbdr / "> <img class=" size-full wp-image-505 aligncenter " src=" -14K-Black-and-Red-Gold-1-25-Carat-Princess-Ruby-Black-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-Wedding-Band-Set-R623PS-14KBREGBDR-P-450×450-1.jpg " alt=" " width=" 450 " height=" 450 " /> </a>

<strong> This is a piece with a gothic look of exceptional quality, </strong> the jeweler is recognized and we also fell in love with the combination of tones. Everything you expect from a quality gothic ring is here: Perfect combination of black with shades of red to give contrast, a ring made of good material and quality precious stones.

<strong> Both alliances are in 14k gold </strong> and the applications are in ruby. The piece is unique, that is, no more copies of your ring will be sold. It also has a guarantee and if necessary it includes up to 2 maintenance for rhodium (Material that gives the pieces the black and white color), but according to the manufacturer you will not need to use them.

The disadvantage of this gothic ring, besides the price, is its size. It is only available in size 7, check first and be sure of your size before bidding on it.
<h3>Quality and economic gothic ring:</h3> [/ embed]

<strong> We found this to be an excellent option on Amazon, </strong> it complies with the 3 B's, it's good, nice and cheap. A safe purchase, in a gothic style and at a quite solidarity price.

<strong> It has almost 400 positive ratings, </strong> customer photos show that the ring really does look good as the photo and is made with durable materials. The ring is made of 925 silver, so it will require some maintenance over the years, the central stone is a marquise and around it has real topaz that gives it enough shine.

This is a great piece if what you wanted was something that looked gothic, but could come and go on any occasion. With it you have the advantage of a durable piece to be a wedding ring, at an affordable price.
<h3>Economic red and white gothic ring:</h3> [/ embed]

Here is another wonderful option for you, a ring that stands out, with garnet inlays all over its surface and a giant piece of white topaz “moonstone” style.

This alliance seems to have some hidden mystery, we loved it not only for its design but because it also has good ratings, in the photos of the clients' hands it looks even better. We recommend you take a look at it.

As for the materials it is a 6 out of 10, 925 silver is of quality, it will not break or scratch easily, but it will tend to become dull after a while. However, this ring is more than all rhinestones, so you will hardly notice it when the silver begins to lose its shine.
<h3>Harley Quinn's gothic ring:</h3>
We could not stop including this model in our list, it is available on Amazon, <strong> it is made of silver combined with Onyx in the rhinestones. </strong>

We don't love the idea that black is a product of paint, however <strong> It's a Harley Quinn-style ring! </strong> There are still no specific sales so we recommend you first investigate other items from the seller.

Gothic vampire style wedding ring

When you think of a gothic ring, this is what comes to mind:

There is no other piece that better describes what a gothic ring should be, contrast, red tones against black, skulls and good taste. They really achieved a bloody and elite look. Doesn’t it seem completely vampiric to you? This hoop features a 925 silver hoop that holds a sizeable 2.25 carat Garnet.

From the way it was made, it appears that the gemstone is floating right in front of the ring. Since we saw it we fell in love, it has 5 ratings out of 5 stars.

Its only weak point is that it does not have customer photos and it is also silver plated in black, a material sensitive to shocks.

Images of the best gothic wedding rings:

What you need is inspiration? To finish off this guide to Gothic wedding rings we give you a gallery with the best models of 2020, most of them are 3D renderings, not real rings, but they will be very helpful to inspire you. Look!


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