The Most Beautiful Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are part of the most classic traditions of wedding ceremonies. They are usually pieces that are constantly worn and remind of the marriage commitment. Within the styles in which they can be found, there is a great variety. There are simpler ones, being only alliances, or more complex, with elaborate designs or precious stones. A very particular style is called Black Hills , because of the place where they were first produced. If you want to know more about these unique pieces, be sure to check out the selection of Black Hills gold wedding rings that we present below.

Before starting with the different options, we have to make a brief description of what we are talking about. Black Hills gold jewelry is a particular style of working with the material. It was first developed in the Black Hills Mountains, in South Dakota , and it became very famous. So much so, that it was adopted by the state as official jewelry. Originally it was made with gold extracted from those mountains, but today it is made with material from any source. It is characterized by designs that include grapes, grape leaves and vines . The colors are achieved by alloying gold with other metals such as silver and copper. Its fame has spread worldwide, to the point of being easily recognizable for its motifs and designs.

Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings

We begin our selection with the most common options within Black Hills gold wedding rings. These are classic yellow gold designs , with details in the typical colors of these designs. The green color is achieved by alloying with silver, and red or pink tones by alloying with copper .

anillos de boda de oro de Black Hills

This first design is sober and elegant . It is a thin ring, with construction details on the upper part. Among the characteristic features of Black Hills, we can see the leaves in green and pink colors , and some small grapes . These elements are the classics that can be found in this type of jewelry, so this piece is a faithful representative of the style.

This second option is made of 10 carat yellow gold , with the colors formed from the already mentioned alloys. A more striking design stands out, with several grape leaves and grapes running half the circumference. These Black Hills gold wedding rings perfectly express the classic style .

 Black Hills gold wedding rings

If we are looking for a more sober style, we can opt for this design, also made of 10-karat yellow gold . Finer and without so many ornaments , it still maintains the typical features of the style in the leaves and grapes, only in the center of the upper part.

A fourth option, which also adopts a sober style, is this 10-carat tricolor ring . The main difference with the previous model is the thickness, since it maintains a larger structure along the rim . The leaves and grapes appear inside a box, as if they were framed by the ring, being a very subtle and attractive detail.

Inlaid gold rings

To give a leap in quality to traditional rings, many times it is resorted to incorporating some type of precious or semi-precious stone . In the case of Black Hills gold wedding rings, this is also quite common. Of course, this raises the value of the jewelry, as it is expensive materials.

Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings

The first of these is a 10-carat yellow gold and 12-carat green and pink gold ring . The design is thin on the rim, widening as it gets closer to the center. There it presents the classic green and pink leaves, and the grapes around the central stone. This is a black onyx with an oval shape, entangled in some gold strips.

The second option is very similar to the previous one, with some difference in the construction of the ring structure. It is also made of 10 carat yellow gold, and 12 carat green and pink . What stands out in this piece is the blue topaz that is in the center, and gives it great shine and elegance.

Black Hills Gold Wedding Rings

Finally, we have this third option, which belongs to the same family as the previous ones. It has the same manufacture as for gold, but it differs in the stone that is embedded. In this case, it is a peridot gem with its classic olive green . These Black Hills gold wedding rings are extremely beautiful and original.

Balck Hills White Gold Rings

A particular variation that can be found within this style is that of white gold rings . While the more traditional maintain that Black Hills jewelry should preserve yellow gold, other combinations can be found. In this case, we present two white gold rings that stand out for their beauty and originality.

The first one is this design in 10 and 12 carat white gold . If you pay attention, it is the same model as the one above, with the particularity that the gold in this case is white. However, maintains the grapes and the characteristic colors in the leaves . A nice option for making a few different Black Hills gold rings.

The second alternative, somewhat finer than the previous one, is this 10-carat white gold and 12-carat green and pink gold open ring . In addition to the elegant and subtle design, the two diamonds at the ends of the metal stand out in this ring. These stones bring a distinctive leap of quality to this ring.

As can be seen, the Black Hills jewelry style applies perfectly to wedding rings. There are many options for colors and stones with which they can be made. Always maintaining the characteristic features of the style: green and pink leaves and grapes .


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