Unique and unrepeatable skull wedding rings

When choosing wedding rings there are several factors to take into account. Of course, a very important one is their economic value, since they are usually quite expensive. In addition, there are very different styles. From the most traditional and simple, to others much more eye-catching and extravagant . They can only be alliances, completely smooth, of some metal such as gold or silver. Or they may also contain some type of gemstone, usually diamonds. And, when it comes to design, the options are also multiple. A rare but very original one is skull wedding rings . Although it may sound somewhat extreme, it is a popular option for its uniqueness and modern style. In this note, we bring you some of the most interesting that can be found.

Silver skull wedding rings

Starting with the cheapest options that can be found, we have to mention the silver rings . Although the most common is that wedding rings are made of gold, silver is still a very noble metal. If you are looking for quality without paying an excessive price , these skull wedding rings can be an excellent option.

Skull wedding rings

As a first option, we have these simple silver rings. The ring is subtle and fine , and is open at the top. two skulls stand out at the ends , each with a slightly different appearance. It is the representation of the bride and groom, taking at face value the phrase “until death do us part.”

A second alternative, also in silver, is this beautiful skull wedding ring decorated with simile diamond stones. It is a thicker full ring, divided into three segments with fancy inlays . And in the center, the skull with two roses on the sides. The detail: the skull eyes made with red stones .

Skull wedding rings

Finally, we have this third piece of silver somewhat more striking than the previous ones. It stands out for having a large number of skulls , which surround the entire circumference of the ring. Each of them is in a darker shade of blackened silver and with the eyes made of pink stones. It will undoubtedly catch the eye of anyone who sees this wedding ring.

Skulls wedding rings with stones

A second alternative, a little more expensive than the previous one, is that of silver rings with some stone embedded. Although their value is higher, they are not as expensive as the gold rings that we will present later. An intermediate option for some pretty skull wedding rings.

These silver rings have a differentiated design for men and women . The thicker male one has a series of skulls and other ornaments around the hoop. On the other hand, the feminine is finer and more subtle, crowned with a series of four skulls and a black Onyx stone in the center . A beautiful combination, for a more than reasonable price.

 Skull wedding rings

Second, we find this combination of rings more striking than the previous option. In addition to the skulls, elements such as anchors, wings and ropes are incorporated , resulting in a style similar to that of classic tattoos. The stone of the women’s ring is a red cubic zirconia , which adds some color.

This last option has a very similar design to the previous one, but with some differences. The first is the silver finish, which in this case is in a golden tone . In addition, the design of the women’s ring is slightly different, without anchors and with a network structure. Finally, the stone is a black onyx , achieving a combination with gold that is very elegant.

Gold skull wedding rings

Finally, we come to the classic gold rings so traditional of weddings. Of course, these in particular are not traditional at all, as the designs incorporate unique details. These skull wedding rings are the most expensive on the list, because they are made with the most exclusive materials .

Skull wedding rings

This first alternative is made entirely of solid 14-karat yellow gold . The decoration details are made in black diamond very beautiful. For the masculine design, the ring forks all the way to the center with a skull. On the other hand, the female is a thin ring in which six small skulls are distributed.

The second option among the most expensive rings is this combination of solid 18-carat white gold pieces. Both are decorated with black diamond fragments. In the case of the masculine, the design is sober with two small skulls looking to the sides, at the top. For the female, the skulls are placed on the sides of the center, where the main diamond is located. A fairly sober option, within the skull wedding rings.

Finally, the last option we present is this set of rings made of 18-carat solid black gold . The stones found in both are classic diamonds . In the case of the male ring, two skulls decorate the sides of the main crown . In the center a large piece of diamond. For the female, obviously finer in structure, there are four skulls that support the center, where the main stone is located.

After going through different options, we can conclude that there are more than enough alternatives for all tastes and budgets . Silver rings are always cheaper than gold ones, and the latter usually include more expensive stones. Either way, good skull wedding rings will be a unique and original detail for any ceremony. There is no doubt that if you like this style, some of the options we present will inspire you .


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