Creative and fun nerdy wedding vows

Wedding vows are the most personal and heartfelt part of the ceremony. When it comes to declaring the love and union between two people, the words must come from the heart and express the deep feeling that the couple have for each other. Therefore, when writing personal vows, the characteristics, values ​​and personalities of oneself and of the couple must be taken into account. It does not matter what is said in that special moment. For people who share certain tastes and customs, it is a nice touch to refer to them. If you are a geek and pop culture lover, don’t miss these nerdy wedding vows to keep in mind when writing own.

Nerdy culture has seen tremendous growth in recent years. While before they were mocked and reviled by the rest of society, today they have earned a well-deserved revenge. Currently, knowledge on technology , cinema , series , videogames and is currently very common and valued comics . And within the universe of themes, we can highlight science fiction , zombies , the medieval world , magic and fantastic characters . Some of the most creative and striking, in the list that we present below.

World of Warcraft Wedding Vows

Nerdy Wedding Vows

Within the world of gaming, World of Warcraft is positioned as one of the video games preferred by fans. Its fantastic world, with a medieval setting and a large number of strange creatures, is enormously attractive . A couple who are fond of this video game can choose some nerdy WoW-based wedding vows to add color and fun to the ceremony.

“With these hands, we will protect each other in PVP , looking for groups and other gamers adventures. With these hands we will work side by side building our future. These are the hands that will dry your tears of sadness and joy, and those of frustration over the ailment of resurrection . With these hands I will help you and give you courage to face the Lich King . With these hands I will hold you in difficult times and encourage you when you finally get the Raging Thunder, Blessed Sword of the Son of the Wind . These hands will offer you Mana and Health when you need it, and they will be the support and the tank on your adventure. ”

Vows from The Lord of the Rings

This fantastic story from Tolkien books and movies is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fans. The adventures of Frodo and his friends represent a meeting point for the nerdy community, and references are inescapable among the most knowledgeable. These nerdy wedding vows can’t go wrong.

He: “I promise you will always have my sword .”

Her: “And you will always have my bow .”

Nerd chorus: “And my ax !”

Harry Potter Wedding Vows

Nerdy Wedding Vows

The magic of the Harry Potter story is a perfect setting for the wedding ceremony. The fans of this fantastic world know its characters perfectly and even know the dialogues by heart. Themes like love and family are always present and, therefore, some nerdy wedding vows inspired by Harry Potter are the most beautiful.

“Today is just a normal day, where the sun has risen and the sun will go down. But it is also a special day where we affirm our love and commitment. Today we start a new adventure. I cannot promise you a perfect life, about which they will write poems and love songs. But I can promise you that while we are on this earth, you will know how much I love and respect you. I can’t promise you great riches and mansions, but I can assure you adventures , thousands of concerts, and a fair amount of geek conventions . I can promise you my company and my help when you need it. I will always be your Ginny and you my Harry . And when they ask me ‘After all this time?’ My answer will be: ‘ Always ‘ ”.

Zombie Wedding Vows

The theme of zombies is part of pop culture both in movies and in series and comics. Many of the entertainment products are based on the idea of ​​the undead . For fans, some nerdy wedding vows inspired by these horror stories can be very entertaining.

“I choose you as a life partner, to be honest and loyal to you in this union. I promise to protect you during the zombie apocalypse and save your life from any danger. I will keep this promise through our best and worst times. And you will always be the living or undead person that I want to have by my side ”.

Star Wars Votes

Wedding vows nerd

Within science fiction, the story of Star Wars is one of the most famous of all time. Starting from the movies, he has become an icon of pop culture and the geek universe. That’s why some fun nerdy wedding vows based on their characters and intergalactic travels can’t go wrong.

He: “My Queen , I hope that the Force accompanies us on this journey through the galaxy of life together . I promise never to fall into the Dark Side , and to remain under the illumination of our affection. I promise to fight tirelessly against the evil Empire , and I invite you to stand by my side as we pilot our ship. Hand in hand, accompany me through light and justice for what remains of our lives ”.

She: “My beloved Jedi , I accept your promise and your commitment and I take your hand to embark on this journey together. May the Force be with us every day, illuminating our lives . I promise you love and company in what remains for us as inhabitants of the galaxy ”.

As you can see, there are many examples of nerdy wedding vows according to the tastes and affinities of the bride and groom. Whether they are about video games, the medieval world, or science fiction, it can all serve as inspiration. In this way, the ceremony will have a fun and original touch in the words of the bride and groom.


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