Framed wedding vows to preserve the memory

Wedding vows are a fundamental part of traditional wedding ceremonies. In these words, the couple express to each other their wishes for the future and their commitment to the couple . It is one of the most beautiful ways to show your loved ones the love you have. For this reason, many couples choose to preserve that memory in a special way, beyond memory. It is increasingly common to see framed wedding vows somewhere in the couple’s home. There are many ways to do it, depending on the style you want to give. In this guide we present you with some of the best options so that the words are engraved in a memory that is within easy reach.

Wedding vows framed in one piece

Among the many options that exist to preserve framed wedding vows, the simplest consist of a single piece. In this way, it will only be a frame in which the vows of both grooms are included, although a photo can also be added to complete the scene.

Votos de boda enmarcados

In this simple box you can clearly see a title , the text of the votes in question and the signature with the names . Also included at the bottom the wedding date . This same table can be of different sizes. In small format it will be ideal for a library or shelf. In a medium size it can work on a piece of furniture or a table. While in large size, it will be very well hung on the wall of the living room or bedroom.

This second option adds, in addition to the vows, a photo of the ceremony in which the bride and groom appear . The idea is to complete the spirit and emotion of that day with an image that reflects the moment. Furthermore, in this case the vows are divided between the groom’s and the bride’s . A perfect option for a small or medium painting.

Votos de boda enmarcados

Finally, we have this third option that is also made up of a single piece. In this case, the framed wedding vows are printed directly on the photo . You can notice a pre-planning at the time of taking the picture, and the result is really beautiful.

Two-piece framed wedding vows

Another possibility to preserve the memory of the wedding vows is to create a set of two pictures , where each one carries the words of each member of the couple. In this way, the spirit of union represented by marriage is reflected, by placing both pictures together. It is a declaration of principles in which each person conserves their space, but they decide to share it.

This feeling of togetherness can be clearly seen in this first option. The text in each box is aligned towards the center , leaving a margin on the outside. This gives the feeling that both parties are trying to unite by going through the picture frames. The words are headed with the first name of each one. It is a beautiful option for medium or large frames.

Votos de boda enmarcados

This second alternative is a bit more formal, but also colder. The texts are both aligned to the left, and the signature is only with the articles “He” and “She” . In this way, the paintings are more depersonalized and, at the same time, elegant thanks to the thin black frame. Depending on the style and personality of the couple, this can be a good option for wedding vows framed in a space with a lot of visibility.

A third option in two-piece souvenirs is the one we see here. It is perfect for small-sized paintings , to place on a shelf or bookcase. It is made up of two semi-transparent acrylic sheets , where the words of the bride and groom are inscribed. It is an original idea for framed wedding vows, different from the classic paintings that are usually seen.

Three-Piece Framed Wedding Vows

A third possibility when it comes to paintings with wedding vows is that of the classic triptych . Basically, these are three matching paintings, which retain the same idea or theme. In this case, they will refer to the wedding vows and the wedding ceremony in general.

Votos de boda enmarcados

This first triptych option is the most common, but no less attractive for that. It consists of two boxes with votes </ strong>, one for each member of the couple with her name at the top. And in the middle box, a beautiful photo of the ceremony . To make these framed wedding vows look their best, these frames should be large.

This second alternative of triptychs has some differences with the first. For one thing, the photo is much more generic than the previous one. The faces of the bride and groom are not visible, which results in something less personal, but also more subtle . Second, the couple’s names do not appear in the side boxes, and are instead replaced by the articles. In addition, the whole set is in grayscale , which makes it not stand out so much to the eye and maintains a certain elegance.

Finally, we have this option of wedding vows framed something different. Although it has similarities with the previous ones, it stands out for the more elongated shape , and the combination of colors. The side frames have black background and white lettering , with his and her items in gold . This combination gives it a distinctive touch, to combine with other elements of the room.

As you can see, there are many alternatives to keep your wedding vows framed and have them present in the warmth of your home. There are simpler or more complex ones, one, two or three pieces, and with different combinations of colors and photographs. The most important thing is that the paintings that decorate your wall or your furniture go hand in hand with your own style and personality . Surely, some of all these ideas will be to your liking.


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