How and What are the Celtic Wedding Vows

If you need help with your Celtic wedding protocol, you have come to the right place. In this article we explain what you need to know about your Celtic wedding vows.

As a bride, your main task is to create solid vows that make your intentions clear on this and on all spiritual levels. A good relationship is sustained with commitment and for this you have to start off on the right foot by offering honest wedding vows.

In your celtic ritual of union your vows are the most important part, unlike other ceremonies in this one you will have to fend for yourself completely when giving your declaration of love.

To help you with inspiration, we offer you with great love an exercise divided into five stages very good to find with your Celtic wedding vows:

In deciding our vows for a Celtic wedding they must reaffirm the commitment that we will assume with our beloved.

Commitment should show your desire to c walk together in their lives, remember that the Celtic ceremony is literally a union, body and soul. You must demonstrate your intention to be one with him:

“Today my soul stops searching because I have you as a fente. My being is finally balanced, balanced with yours and above all willing to live as one with you. I choose you for a life together and I want to say it in front of all our loved ones so that our union in time is sealed ”

On the internet there are many sources to get premade Celtic votes, we only recommend them to use for example and inspiration. Your vows exist for all beings to hear and if you do not speak from the heart, mother earth does not listen.

Remember that these words are for everyone present, regardless of their form. They can be present physically, in memory, or spiritually. At the time of your wedding you will be connected with everything that matters to you and with everything that matters to you.

Your vows are a declaration for your husband, for your family, your guests and for all the different kingdoms that have witnessed your union, that’s why you have strayed so far from civilization, to give space to all kingdoms, not only to the human.

Although it sounds a bit complicated now, I promise that your vows are within you, as well as the love you feel for your loved one. With this method we will help you find them rather than create them:

1. Prepare your vows in time

Finding your votes will be almost a ritual, a practice, the more you do it the more you will enjoy it and the better results you will get, you cannot pretend to give your votes the first time you try.

As in any other aspect of life, practice will make the teacher, incredible vows will seal the beginning of an incredible relationship. Worth the effort.

As in any other ceremony, vows must be prepared in good time. It is one thing to be spontaneous and quite another to leave everything to improvisation.

Then if you want to improvise you can do it, but on a basis that you already have. This will prevent you from going blank at that crucial moment. It will also help you sleep more soundly the night before.

2. Remember all the way walked

Close your eyes, do an introspection and remember from when you feel that you are walking beside him. How does that person make your life special? What do you feel differently since you live connected to him or her? What do you remember of the first moments at his side? What makes her or him so special?

In this exercise of introspection you must be visual, seeing will also help you to feel, to remember. Sight is the means by which we can open the other senses. Relive the happiest moments to inspire you.

Don’t stop until you feel the butterflies in your stomach or the blush on your skin again.

You will know when you are in the ideal state, a deep emotion will fill you and a joyful passion will surround you.

3. In this state of love and peace, he begins to write

Once you feel in that state of connection with yourself and your memories, start writing. Ideally, you should do it in a place away from everyday life, where you can be connected with nature.

If you do not have the option to go to nature make sure you are completely alone, without anyone to interrupt you and especially outside your home. It can be in a square, a small park, the roof of a building. If you can not be in nature, it is ideal that at least you have a view of it, place yourself in front of a mountain, a tree, or towards the sea.

Be confident in yourself, the votes will come out in due course, you should not rush the process, that is why we recommend you start early. When you repeat this exercise enough times the words start to come out.

In case you have a hard time writing, try recording yourself, walk in circles while you are talking, practicing that you want to tell your loved one. Record yourself with the cell phone while you do it and then pass the notes to an agenda.

Having an agenda and a couple of exclusive markers or pens for your votes will be of great help. Nothing like the smell of new stationery to inspire you. Arm yourself with all the resources you can, colors, pencils, markers, pens, stickers, highlighting them, post it, anything goes.

4. Write until you find the what

Repeat this exercise until you discover the “what” not the “why.” What makes you want to be with him, what makes you want to say “yes I want”.

You don’t need logical reasons. Really discover what your commitment is, the one that has led you to decide to be with the person.

This exercise will make you connect with the truth and honesty within you, your vows will be written alone after you repeat it enough times. So we ask that you start early.

Finally once you have your vows ready, or written, start practicing them. By practicing them we mean saying them out loud.

Practice always alone, do not reveal your vows to anyone to practice, these are sacred are yours and your beloved’s only.

Finally, when you already have confidence in your Celtic wedding vows, leave them there, do not over practice, let them flow and do one last reading the day before, or the same day.


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