Lesbian Wedding Vows

Now it’s time to declare your love to the most special person, the feeling is there, you can almost touch it, but for some reason the words don’t come out What is happening to you?

Easy, it’s normal. Creating the vows for your wedding can become a stressful process if you don’t have the proper guidance.

We will teach you in this article how to create your own wedding vows if you are a lesbian, with the best techniques and a good inspiration.

The first thing is to use some method, we particularly love that of colors.

Divide your love into colors:

First step: Get 4 colors.

The first thing is to get a very cool agenda and 4 different colors.

Second step: Remember with feelings.

Start remembering your love story like a movie, visualize what memories you have and focus on them. Use your 5 senses: How do you remember it, what sounds were there, what smells what textures.

This will be for you as a kind of meditation, it will help you remove that creative block.

Step 3: Write by color.

You are going to take the colors and give them a meaning, in the order you want, for example:

With “purple” write the memories or ideas of why you fell in love, her qualities, what of her and when she made you feel different.

With blue you can write how you felt in special moments, how that person affects you and makes you grow.

With green you can project, think about what dreams they have in common, what goals they have pending to fulfill, what trips they have dreamed of.

Finally in red write how you love her, not why but how. It is the most difficult, that’s why we left it last.

You must do this exercise several times, not all the colors will come out in all the first ovations.

Write your vows:

When you have enough written phrases (ideas) of all colors, then you can write your votes like this:

Ideas in red first, open with a “I love you” a declaration of love.

Then the ideas in purple, which would come as an explanation of why you love her.

Follow the orange color, you must tell her and those present the dreams and goals that you promise to fulfill.

To close, you can write something like “forever together” or a closing phrase that is special to you. In that last part you can include ideas of the color blue like “I want to continue feeling invincible by your side.”

With this technique you will add shape to your wedding vows and it will be much easier for you to write and remember them.

As a final tip we recommend that you do not take for granted all the sacrifice and barriers that you had to break down as a couple to get to this point.

Sometimes, as lesbians, we take for granted all the challenges we had to go through, but they are the ones that have helped forge your relationship. Use them for your votes. Talk about all the obstacles they had to overcome together.

If you still lack inspiration, here are some examples of lesbian wedding vows.

1. Original marriage vows

To make original votes you must first look for details in the relationship that you can use.

Think What is important to you and not so much to others? With these types of votes you will surprise everyone present by breaking the formalities a little:

  • “I promise that we will travel as much as we can and what we cannot too”
  • “On Sundays I will cook, but only if later you come with me to see the series that we like so much.”
  • “I promise we will go to Italian dinner at least once a week.”
  • “I promise that we will never sleep annoying, I will do my best to always cheer you up.”
  • “I promise that I will continue to prepare your watered coffee every morning.”
  • “I promise to surprise you every day as you surprise me.”
  • “I promise to tell you something nice every day. Because you deserve it. “
  • “I promise to sleep cramped even though my arm falls asleep and warms me up”
  • “I promise not to make you mad more than three times a day”

2. Romantic wedding vows

If they are a couple of hopeless romantics, there will be no choice but to make sweet wedding vows.

Find the most beautiful emotions, the sweetest words and the most special moments you have inside of you:

  • “I love you and I don’t have to promise to know that I will always do it.”
  • “We know that we don’t need great things, because we only need each other to be complete, to be happy”
  • “I promise that, in this beautiful life that awaits us, I will always be by your side, especially in difficult times”
  • “I promise not to stop loving you as long as you never stop driving me crazy”
  • “That feeling of butterflies in the stomach never went away and I know it will never go away”
  • “I promise I will never stop loving you, because I will never stop learning from you.”
  • “I promise never to disrespect you, because it would be missing my love”
  • “In all my life I never thought that you could be this happy, you are the best kept treasure of my life”
  • “Love is easy to say but it is difficult to feel it, for everyone except me who is with you”

3. Funny wedding vows

If what you want is to get out of formalism and tone everyone at the wedding, you will have to use some fun votes during your statement.

For this you will have to think about what defects or funny dynamics you two have as a couple or as women:

  • “I promise never again to say yes, if I did not understand what you said”
  • “I promise never again to cook vegetarian lasagna”
  • “I promise that I will value more the victories of your favorite team, even if I don’t understand baseball”
  • “I promise to keep winning you in Poker, stop our friends”
  • “I promise to be a little less competitive in Mario Kart”

Finally we leave you a video with votes of a lesbian couple that nobody should stop watching:

Did you like these votes for lesbian couples ? Leave us in the comments what you said on the day of your marriage.


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