Viking Wedding Vows

A Viking wedding? Why not? If you are looking for different options to consecrate your union, you came to the right place. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know, from protocol to Viking wedding vows Let’s get started!

Viking weddings

Viking weddings were perpetuated in the history of mankind, even in modern times they continue to be paid tributes in series and movies. The magic of this type of unions lies in its habit of making them far from human, usually on the seashore. Imagine the couple dressed in magnificent handmade costumes, the waves of the sea hitting the shore, flowers and fire. An epic moment!

Viking Wedding Vows

Like any aspect of Viking life, weddings were tied to their peculiar way of life. Most commonly, the unions were consummated in the fall, and not precisely because of the landscape. By this time of year the Vikings had just finished harvesting the crop and slaughtering the cattle, preparing for the long winter.

The Viking goddess to whom the entire rite was dedicated was Frigga, Odin’s wife, who of course was in charge of protecting the home and marriage. For this reason they used to be celebrated on one of the 12 Fridays in the fall. Friday was considered the day of Frigga.

Before, during and after a Viking wedding, the bride and groom received all kinds of treatments, drinks and rituals to enhance their fertility. They drank aphrodisiac tonics and received baths with apparently fertility-enhancing plants and flowers.

The Viking wedding ceremony

This is where the issue of Sacrifices begins to get really Viking. And many, one for each god that needs to be paid tribute. For example a horse for Thor, a goat for Frigga, a cow for Freyja the fertility goddess. Thus the list would continue, depending of course on the purchasing power of the couple and their favorite gods.

Viking Wedding Vows

After the sacrifices the most beautiful and interesting part begins. The spouses say their vows with the rings on the palm of their hands and on the tips of their fingers two swords held between them. They could also hold a sword each and place the rings on the tip of them.

The first sword is delivered by the groom, who represents the sword of his ancestors, a weapon that has been in his family for generations. For her part, the bride delivers a new sword, which will be the sword of the new family to be formed. In this way the family has the protection of the ancestors and that of their parents, newly united.

The banquet

In modern times the banquet is the celebration of the ceremony, in Viking times it was different. The banquet was part of the ceremony, it was not complete until the feast was finished and the vows were consummated later.

Viking Wedding Vows

The banquet started at the couple’s house with the groom entering with the bride in his arms, he left the new sword on the main pillar of his home. The bride then had to serve a glass of her beloved, he drank it honoring Odin and then she honoring Freyja.

To start the celebration, the clan leader dedicated a speech to the couple and the gods. Once started, the banquet would not end for weeks. It included wrestling, entertainment, dancing and contests.

The consummation of marriage

Yes, even after the weeks of the banquet there are still rites. The consummation of the marriage made it possible to seal the vows recited at the ceremony.

Viking wedding vows

On the day of the consummation the woman had to appear before her clan with braided hair , the loose hair in the Viking culture symbolized virginity.

That night was the equivalent of our modern wedding night, the next day the groom should give his beloved a gift. The morning gift “Mogern-Gifu” was exclusively for women, something similar to the “dowry” of Islamic culture.

The morning gift depended on the position of the man in his clan, it could be kitchen utensils, clothing, jewelry, slaves or even land to own.

Viking wedding vows

We did our homework and we rescued all the possible votes of the Viking culture, depending on the god you are paying tribute to, here is a list:

votes Viking wedding types

Viking vows for the banquet

“I hear in this mead horn gods and goddesses, tall and holy, Aesir and Vanir, first known in the north. Frigga and Odín, Thorr, Freya and Feryrm Balder and Nanna, Disir and Alfar, bless this wedding ”.

Viking vows for the ceremony

  • “May Odin give us knowledge on our way to come, may Thor bless our union with strength and courage, may Loki never deny us laughter.”
  • “Priest: You swear before the gods on this day that you want to take this woman as your wife. Boyfriend: I swear by Odin and Frigga. Priest: You swear before the gods on this day that you want to take this man as your husband. Girlfriend: I swear by Odin and Frigga. “
  • “To our father of all, Odin his holy name. Ragnarok will come, his destiny must be fulfilled. On earth and in Asgard may Odin’s will guide us. “
  • “Father of everything, make us fast and prices, allow our swords to strike accurate. Make our arms stronger than anyone who wants to destroy us. “

What did you think of our article? Will you use Viking wedding vows in your union?



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